Tips on Writing a Good Research Proposal

Ten helpful tips on writing excellent research proposal

  1. Follow the requirements!

Read, reread and follow the requirements! Try to make sure that every instruction is met and your paper fits all the criteria.

  1. Divide your proposal into parts before writing your draft.

Think on whether you will include headings and/or subheadings basing o the total length of your proposal (for example, Introduction, Main Body, Conclusion, etc.).

In addition, you should take into account the instructions given by your professor while using the headings. Make points for each section. It will help you not to lose the logical sequence of your ideas.

  1. Be aware of the target audience
  • Remember that your research proposal should be described using non-technical terms. Do not use jargon. Plain and clear language will be the best choice.
  • Correct all spelling and grammatical mistakes. Paper should be flawless.
  • Take into account the fact that the adjudication committees may comprise of researchers who do not specialize in your field.
  • That is why keeping it simple is the best principle you can follow. Readers like when everything is clear and simple.
  1. Create good impression from the very beginning.

Remember that research proposal reviewers are usually busy individuals. That is why one of your main tasks is to grab readers’ attention from the first sentences. Try to make the content of your proposal easy for their comprehension. Prove that the conducted research is significant and innovative. Try to express your enthusiasm for the proposal since it is considered to be contagious.

Make sure that the proposal is well-integrated, tight and logical. It should focus on the main question.

In order to make the proposal tight, you have to provide clear and concise hypothesis or objective of your research. Organize your research taking into account significant problem that requires solution or important question that should be answered clearly. Describe the approaches that you want to apply while looking for the effective solution or correct answer.

  1. Title should be as clear as possible

General public should be able to comprehend the title of your proposal. It should reflect the objectives of your study and of course grab readers’ attention.

  1. Put emphasis on the main aspects of your project.
  2. Prove that your proposal is feasible.

You need to prove that you are competent enough to conduct the research work. Yu need to show that the environment is the best one for reaching the set objectives.

  1. Define the ways in which your project will make a contribution to the selected field of study.
  2. Make sure your proposal is reviewed by others. Ask them to give their comments as well.

Receive the feedback and revise your proposal. Make sure you edit your proposal. The more opinions you get about your work, the better it will suit to the diverse audience.

  1. You should understand that everything can be changed

Your project is not the binding document. It is just a research proposal.

Think of your work as a flexible opportunity to plan a project that you wish to pursue.