Tips for Writing Reflective Essays

When writing a reflective essay it is important for the writer to express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions in respect of certain situations, events, occurrences, or phenomena. Writing an essay of this type is good training in that it helps sharpen the writer’s ability to think critically and it helps them develop the skills to express their opinions on a given topic, one that their instructor assigns to them or they choose themselves.

How to Write a Reflective Essay – The Steps

  1. Identify an event or phenomenon that could form a topic for your reflective essay. When this event has been chosen, consider your feelings on it, if or how your life was affected by it, and/or why were you affected by it? The answers to these questions can be used to develop a thesis, which will be the center point of your entire essay.
  2. Create a mind map for developing your thoughts. Write your thesis on a piece of paper and put a circle around it. Then work out what main points or ideas will best support this thesis and enable your readers to follow your train of thoughts, ideas, and experiences. You can then group these into paragraphs, which you will later write and link to the circle in the center. A flow diagram like this will give you a clearer picture of your essay’s overall shape and structure. The last step is deciding a logical order for every element.