Thesis chapters writing guide

Writing thesis chapters is a challenging task. It is not only a complex task but also a very responsible activity, which may greatly influence the success of students and their academic career. There are things each student working on thesis should know and take into consideration in the process of writing. Our thesis chapters guide will provide information on how to write thesis and will tell more its main parts and specific areas that require particular attention. The first thing a writer should remember is that thesis writing is much complex than simple essay writing and, that is why, it is necessary to allocate sufficient number of time for this assignment. 

What is a thesis? 

What is a thesis? Some people know this assignment as dissertation but even with the other name, it does not change its nature. It is a paper that is submitted to obtain a higher academic degree. To do this, the students are required to investigate some specific topic or area of study using obtained theoretical knowledge. The main aim of thesis chapters writing is adding new knowledge to the existing study. It should be noted that thesis is a very complex and long piece of writing which requires much time to complete and advanced writing skills. 


What format to use in the process of thesis writing?

Many students ask themselves in the process of writing: What is the correct format for a thesis paper? Unfortunately, there is no universal answer for this question. The deal is that each university has specific requirements towards thesis. Besides, each professor may also have some specific vision of how format of a thesis paper should look like. However, there are some general features that should be paid attention to regardless of the format needed. A writer should pay attention to organization of thesis chapters, format of sources and citations, numbering of pages, margins, paginations, etc. Normally, thesis chapters include introduction, literature review section, methodology, results, and conclusion. Most often such formatting styles are chosen for thesis as APA, Harvard or Chicago. In addition, the format of such sections as abstract, table of contents, acknowledgment has to be adjusted in accordance with the formatting respective style. 

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 Five-paragraph format

  • Introduction.

This is a chapter aimed at informing the readers what the thesis will be about, what questions it will cover and what objectives will try to reach. It should also explain the importance of this particular study within the given field. 

  • Literature review. 

This section deals with the existing literature that discusses the same problem that is addressed in your thesis. This information serves as a supportive evidence that uses proper theoretical framework. The way in which the writer analyzes the information demonstrates how aware the writer is of the existing problem. 

  • Methodology.

This section gives the readers information about the methods applied in the process of research. In other words, it explains how the research was be conducted. 

  • Results.

In this section, the writer should describe the obtained results. 

  • Conclusion.

This section discusses the findings based on the research question asked. It also provide conclusions and recommendations for the future researches.

Thesis Body

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