The American Society Synthesis Essay Sample

The American society synthesis essay

American parenting has taken a different direction in recent days as success is taken to be inevitable. Despite the past knowledge that people learn from their mistake, our modern society has changed to consider loosing as a taboo. The trend is mostly seen by the many books written on the various ways of winning, failing to consider loss as price of life. Majority of the American parents continue to lay more emphasis on how to make their children winners other than preparing them to face adversities of life. They have completely forgotten how losing has tremendously changed the world in the past, and instead they have chosen to worship winners. Whenever children participate in games, no one really seems to care whether they had fun, instead the greatest concern has been whether they won or lost the match. Parents also concentrate much on how to win, a move which fails to prepare children for the game of life. 

It is discouraging to note that parents are much willing to test drugs on their children in bid of making them the best. The athletes, students and educators on the other hand convince themselves that cheating your way up is inevitable. As a result we have created a new society captivated by winners. Both the parents and educators seem to fail in their role, as they prepare children for bigger failures in future. For instance parents always allow their children to win whenever they play games with them. Likewise, some educators tend think that by not letting children whom have not met the required grades to move along to the next grade will detriment their self-esteem. Our society seems to encourage cheating by its forgiving attitude whenever one is caught cheating. As a result professional athletes and businesses cheat their way up. To make the matter worse students also cheats in their exams. 

It is evident that our society seems to have a very negative attitude towards losers, both in sports and politics. The whole society seems to dislike being on the losing end, a culture which continues to be passed on to the children. It is for this reason that American students, players and leaders continue to use illegal means to make themselves better than others, and still consider it a rational move. 


The reward of winning has also gone crazy as the world changes into a winner-take-all culture. This has therefore transformed the actual parenting role as everyone seeks to bring out the best from his or her children. Top players and athletes, company CEOs continues to earn a lot for out-smarting their fellow opponents. The economists also speculates that a tournament market now exists which hugely consider fame in apportioning the economic shares and future grants. As a result, this has continued to heighten competition as everyone seeks to outshine the other in life. 

The change on the parental direction has caused so many problems as people fight to climb up the ladder or to remain at the top. Illegal means such as the use of enhancers in sports and falsified or fraudulent books in corporate executives has continued to be observed. 

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The spiritual crisis seems to reign in the American society. This has substituted our fulfillment in relationship and service with worship of heroes and celebrities. We can blame our media and capitalism for this. The media concentrates much on the winners and superstars and fails to acknowledge the efforts of other Americans who participated in the event. The competitive markets likewise continue to seek top talents and leaders with experience. Generally, the emergence of the superstar and cheating society makes competition unfair and subjective.

In order to overcome this vice, our society must uphold voluntary compliance in businesses such as the enforcement of a balanced tax system. We should ensure constant surveillance, undertake drug tests to our sport men and women and threaten all cheaters by enforcing severe penalties on those caught cheating. This is however an expensive option to undertake considering that the vice is widely spread in our country. The best strategy of fighting this is assuming a different parenting course; the value of doing your best should supersede the value for winning. The parents should train their children to accept whatever comes their way, if they had done their best on it. The society should also join by complementing and celebrating the efforts of our beloved ones. 

The parents should learn to appreciate their children who diligently studies, but only manage to get a lower grade. We should refrain from cheating and advocate for honesty in life. And as parents we should act as role models to our children by showing them that we abhor cheating. This can effectively be done by supporting our schools, sports league and courts in their fight against cheating. We should form a new society based on honesty and appreciation for one another. A society not captivated by winners but driven by the urge of doing our best in everything that we do. That way, a new American life will encourage fair competition at all levels.

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