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Creating a research poster presentation: Handy advice

Every student engaged in an educational process regardless of its form has to do a research once in a while. If you are a student, you know how much time it usually takes to work out a good research project on your own. However, at least once in your academic career, you will be forced to create a research poster presentation following your project and the things that make most students sigh is the poster they need to create on their own.


Seven characteristics of a great Presentation Poster

Please, keep in mind that the requirements for the poster may vary depending on the academic level or the institutional conditions for participation in the conference, however, there are certain things that are common for every research poster. A good poster:

  1. meets the requirements and guidelines for the specific event (conference, discussion, presentation, meeting);
  2. suits the audience knowledge and interest in the subject;
  3. deliver the message clearly and present the project in the best way;
  4. helps you spark the interest in the research by expressing your passion;
  5. presents the great quality of the images used (technical detail: the resolution of the images should be at least 300dpi);
  6. is well-organized, structured and easy to read;
  7. leaves the reader intrigued and willing to communicate.

Structure of a good research poster

Every poster shall follow the structure if the initial research project and the paper itself. While this order on the blocks is just a suggestion to help you start, you may adapt the order according to your subject or

  • Title (the name of the research project or the variation of the research question you have been working on)
  • Abstract
  • Background/literature review (if needed or required)
  • Research question/s set before the research
  • Process description and methods used in the research;
  • Results/conclusion (in Humanities and Applied Sciences: main case, insight, and significance of project)
  • Future directions or general recommendations for further research
  • Acknowledgements and Collaborators (including you) and their affiliations (meaning the list of people who helped you to carry out the project)
  • Contact information (if required)

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How to make a poster presentation?

Their several ways you can take while creating a poster for your research presentation. First, you may attempt to work on a template on your own. You can either use a PowerPoint Presentation software, or any other graphics processor to make it. Create an empty layout, add the text (but remember to keep in within the 800-word limit), insert the images and spend time sorting them out to have a nice and lean layout. In addition, there is a second option if your technical skills are not advanced enough to work out the way to assemble your poster.

Academic poster template PowerPoint

While there are thousands of website that offer a free download of a template, you have to keep in mind that:

  1. Color blind people cannot tell green from red, so it is better to use one of them, and preferably not to combine it with grey.
  2. While patterns do make you poster look more interesting, they are also a bit distracting and might result in a less professional looking poster.
  3. Your poster template should be at least twice as large as the paper size you are going to use for the final poster.

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