Expert Guide to Writing a Research Paper on Nursing: Great Tips!

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In the field of nursing, research papers are much more than comprehensive essays on a given topic. Instead, a research paper analyzes a particular perspective on a topic or argues a particular point. A research paper on nursing should set out the writer’s thinking, which should be supported with information and ideas taken from subject matter experts. Research papers are assigned to nursing students by their professors as a means of testing the knowledge the student has acquired on various aspects of whatever course they are taking. A research paper in the field of nursing is unique in that it should only deal with the subject of nursing. understands that research paper assignments are tasks that require extensive research and analysis of the topic or area the student has chosen to write about. The majority of those who study nursing have vast amounts to do, both in terms of academic work and co-curricular commitments. Sometimes, so many activities can prevent the student from writing successful papers. Furthermore, some students are better at showing their knowledge and skills in a practical sense than they are able to do on paper. This is why is on hand to help you produce the best possible research papers.


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If you decide to buy a research paper for your nursing course from, our writers will closely collaborate with you during every stage of the process to make sure your final paper fully reflects what is required for your chosen topic. We undertake an extensive research based on the most authentic and reliable database sources, and we format your paper in exact accordance with the instructions provided by your course supervisor.

Through our professional writing service, we also help customers get a better understanding of their topic because we explain every detail. While writing any type of research paper can be a tiresome process, it is important that students make a real effort to produce a paper that their tutors or professors will be impressed with. Otherwise, they are likely to get a disappointing grade. In turn, this limits their chance of passing or being able to earn credit.

What makes a geat research paper?

The act of writing a research paper is a way of testing the writer in a number of areas. For example, these assignments assess how well they are able to collect data, sift this, get it into written form, and craft a paper in the specified format. It shows too how well the student is able to interpret and analyze topic-related information. When you are selecting a nursing topic for your research paper, it is best to look for something that contributes to what is already known in that field of medicine or some area that has the potential to improve people’s lives from an individual or community perspective.

Before beginning to write, make sure you collect a sufficient amount of reliable source materials from academic literature. Your research will be more valuable when it is supported with cited information. Your paper’s content needs to be accurate, which means doing a thorough research of your topic before you begin. Then you will need to analyze your findings accurately so that the results you obtain are credible. Selecting a topic that has plenty of readily available source materials can make the task easier since this will enable you to build strong, well-supported arguments.

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What purposes do a research paper on nursing serve? 

The topic for a research paper is not usually something that has a clear “yes” or “no” answer. It is necessary to locate relevant topic information, analyze this information, and describe your findings or results. The research work for a paper on nursing paper is, in most cases, an in-depth task and its purposes are as follows:

  1. It is a way of uncovering additional information or knowledge on a subject:Writing research papers are a great opportunity to explore a particular topic to learn more about it, to understand it better, and/or to become an expert in it.
  2. It is a way of solving a puzzle or mystery: The process of research helps to solve a particular mystery e.g. it can explain how and/or why a given thing works in a certain way. It is more interesting to research a topic you are curious about because you will be motivated by a desire to find answers.
  3. It is a way of sharing answers or solutions with readers: Once you have solved the mystery you set out to solve, it is not likely to be of any great help to your future career or to your community if the solution is not made known. Research papers are a method of presenting and sharing what you found through research. Findings from research can be presented in a number of different ways but one of the most effective ways is to present an array of information from a variety of sources in the form of a research paper. 

Once a student has completed the research paper they were given, it can achieve these purposes in one go:

  • Get the writer a good grade
  • Inform readers about the findings of the research
  • Persuade those who read the paper and healthcare professionals to adopt the findings of the research.  

The Benefits for Those Who Read a Research Paper Are:

  1. Acquire new knowledge/information
  2. Better understand the reasons for the research
  3. Allows readers to decide if they should be persuaded to accept what the writer has presented or whether to debate certain points.

Research papers on nursing – Analysis

Research papers match their name insofar as the writer presents their thinking on a particular topic but they must support this with information and ideas obtained from experts. It is necessary to research a topic to understand what other experts in the field think and to build upon your own existing knowledge. The process involves looking for the best quality information available in a given field before presenting this in a coherent and logical manner on paper.

The persona of the writer and reader

As the writer of a research paper on nursing, the persona you take on is that of a person who is knowledgeable in the field of medicine. Your tutor or course instructor is one person who will read your work. While you are writing, consider people beyond your classroom i.e. people who may be interested in or benefit from the research work you are doing. Your audience is also likely to include people who understand the language and terminology that relates to the field of nursing since research papers are usually intended for readers who belong to the same scientific field or community. Therefore, there is no need to define any abbreviations, concepts, or terms your audience is likely to be already familiar with.

Rhetorical type appeals

Prior to starting to write your nursing research paper, you will need to decide how you will appeal to your readers. The following are common methods of appeal:

The use of pathos is a way of appealing to the emotions of your readers. This method of appeal is rare in nursing papers. The tone is usually relatively clinical and it is advisable to avoid too many of the types of negative or positive statements that are usually used to appeal to emotion.

The use of ethos is a reference to how people view an individual’s or organization’s credibility. Using ethos as a means of appeal in a nursing paper is important since it allows you demonstrate your own credibility as a writer and the credibility of the findings in your work. It will be necessary to explain the reasoning and methods you used to arrive at conclusions since this is another way of increasing your credibility credentials. It is crucial to highlight any errors and/or biases in your work and to offer a rebuttal.

The use of logos is a way of appealing to a reader’s intellectual nature. This is the main type of appeal used in research papers since these tend to use a great deal of hard facts, statistical data, and logical-type statements.

The citation and referencing styles commonly used in research papers on nursing

  • The American Medical Association (AMA) Style: This referencing system is generally used for papers that deal with medicine, health, and a variety of other science-related subjects. References are denoted by numbers placed at the appropriate point within the main text, while full details concerning the source are placed in an end-of-paper reference list. Numbers must be placed before the reference entry in the end-of-paper bibliography.
  • The American Psychological Association (APA) style is frequently used in papers related to social sciences for citing sources. The latest edition of this style guide – the 6th edition – provides standard examples of how to cite sources.
  • The American Sociology Association (ASA) Style: This style requires references to be placed at a paper’s end using the parenthetical style of referencing. 
  • The Council of Biology Editors (CBE) Style: There are two styles of citation within this system. One uses the author-date format while the other uses numbers.
  • The Chicago Style: This system is comprised of notes and an end-of-paper bibliography and is usually used for papers related to the humanities. With this style, sources are referred to using in-text citations, footnotes, endnotes (notes) and a bibliography.
  • The Modern Humanities Research Association (MHRA) Style: This style of referencing and citation requires primary sources and secondary sources to be listed separately in the paper’s bibliography. This system uses footnotes containing full information about a source, which allows readers to find all the information they need in the relevant footnote without needing to refer to the end-of-paper bibliography. 
  • The OSCOLA Referencing System: This style uses footnotes to denote all cited sources with no endnotes or in-text citations.
  • The Oxford Style: This style uses a note system developed by Oxford University. Citations are indicated in footnotes with an end-of-paper reference list. This style is sometimes referred to as the documentary-note system.
  • The Turabian Referencing Style: This style was developed by Kate Turabian and it requires a reference list or bibliography according to your college or lecturer’s preferences. Often referred to as the author/date system, this style is quite concise and is used in the social, natural, and physical sciences.   
  • The Vancouver Referencing Style: This style uses numbered references where a work is cited within the text with a number. More detailed information concerning the source is placed in a correspondingly numbered entry in an end-of-paper reference list.

Irrespective of which system you use, the ultimate aim of your research paper should be to make a lasting impression on your college and on society.