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It is not a secret for students that each paper they write for their colleges or universities must be plagiarism-free. An online plagiarism checker is one of the options students can use in their academic assignments. Moreover, they may use our writing service to ensure that the paper is plagiarism-free. In addition, after a paper is written, students may send it to us, and our professionals will check it for plagiarism and rewrite the parts where it will be detected. It will be a perfect final stage of the writing. We may also complete a paper from scratch, and in this case, we guarantee that it will be free from any instances of plagiarism. 

Ordering plagiarism check with our custom writing service, you buy assistance from a professionally developed authentic plagiarism checking system. In this case, you will get a report where plagiarized parts will be highlighted, we can easily rewrite these parts or provide citations using direct quotes to ensure that the information follows copyrighting law. We do not tolerate plagiarism, and we will not allow you to upload a plagiarized paper to your university.

If you buy a paper from our custom writing company, we guarantee that your paper will be plagiarism-free. We will send a plagiarism report for you to see that there are no instances of plagiarism in the completed paper. To ensure a lack of plagiarism in your paper, our writers properly paraphrase the information they use from authentic sources and the citations are provided. Thus, we never use ideas from the web without proper citation. If we see that some ideas from a source provocative discussion and any paraphrasing will distort the meaning, our writers will use a direct quote with proper paraphrasing. A list of the used references will be added at the end of the paper.

Many students pay much attention to content, grammar, and punctuation forgetting to check the paper for plagiarism. Such students are sure that they do not plagiarize, as they do not copy the text from the sources. However, they forget about unintentional plagiarism. Unintentional plagiarism is a type of plagiarism when students are caught in the university rules violation when they were not intended to do it. It happens when students read some piece of information and try to paraphrase it but they do it improperly. They unintentionally use the same words or very similar words as in the original source. As a result, their piece appears too similar to the original source, which is plagiarism.

Professors may reduce your grade significantly if plagiarism is detected. There are also universities that expel students because of plagiarism detected in their papers. Thus, you should think properly whether you need such problems in your university and buy plagiarism checker assistance with our company.

How to Scan your Paper for Plagiarism?

Uploading the information to be checked

Start with providing your text. You should either copy-paste the information into the specified textbox or upload your Word or PDF file. Text written in any language can be checked for plagiarism.

Searching for plagiarism

By clicking the Check button you will start the process of thorough comparison of your text to the plethora of websites and online documents. The plagiarism search engine will do this work for you thus, your participation is not required. Our software will detect and calculate the amount of plagiarism in just a few minutes.

Downloading the plagiarism report

The engine will calculate the plagiarism rate, if there is any in your text, and deliver a concise and clear report outlining all the sources of plagiarism.

Eliminating plagiarism

Every paper should be free from plagiarism. Use your plagiarism report to ensure authenticity and address all the issues related to plagiarism. Still, if you do not have time or inspiration to do this yourself, you can ask our expert writers or editors to address this problem.

Plagiarism Consequences


Academic honesty is one of the rules required by universities. The contemporary education system requires from students many essays and research papers written within a limited period of time. Moreover, dissertations writing is also a part of academic life. It is expected that each written piece is unique. In case a student is caught in plagiarism in a small essay, he/she may get 0. If plagiarism is detected in a research paper, coursework, or dissertation, a student may be expelled from a university.


Plagiarism is copying the ideas and thoughts of other people. When students constantly copy the information without understanding, they do not learn anything. In this case, they fail to understand the material, to use the opportunity to learn something new, and overall spend university time in vain. Only when students understand the material and try to paraphrase it, they learn.


There are many professions when writing is a part of a job. When people plagiarize at the workplace, they spoil their professional reputation. Moreover, in this case, they devalue the work of a person using it without proper reference.


Copywriting law helps to restrict the cases of plagiarism. People should understand that in case they plagiarize, they will be punished. Charges and imprisonment are presupposed for those cool violate copyright laws.

Thus, using a plagiarism detection system is a guarantee to avoid any types of plagiarism and ensure that you do not violate the law and the policies of the establishment you write for. Any plagiarism detection system provides results immediately. However, not each plagiarism detector works effectively. Using the services of our company, you are sure to check the paper for plagiarism with an authentic system. Our writers may paraphrase plagiarized parts if any and check the sources to ensure that they contain the information cited. We can also send you an edited file with all the corrections and a file where the changes are tracked to show you what has been done to your file.

Many highly professional detectors are available for free. However, the value of our custom writing service is that we check the paper and correct plagiarism.

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Types of Plagiarism
  • Inventing sources.

When you invent the sources that do not exist and use them to support the information you have written, it is considered plagiarism. Always use only existing sources that can be easily found online.

  • Direct plagiarism.  

Some students who do not understand the seriousness of plagiarism just copy the information from the web hoping that plagiarism will not be detected. Always use quotation marks if you copy some statements from the sources and provide a citation.

  • Paraphrasing without referencing.

When you paraphrase some information from the source but do not cite it, it is considered plagiarism of the ideas. Such plagiarism may be difficult to detect with plagiarism checkers, but people who know the subject may easily detect such plagiarism. Always cite the information which you paraphrase from the sources.

  • Weak paraphrasing or patchwriting.

Some students think that using synonyms in a sentence may help them avoid plagiarism detection. However, such a position is wrong and leads to university rules violation. The sentences where words are changed to synonyms are easily detected.

  • Misleading citations.

Make sure that you do not mislead a reader when citing a secondary source. You should properly check whether the idea you cite belongs to the primary or secondary writer.

  • Uncredited plagiarism.

Be careful when citing sources written in a foreign language. Never cite foreign sources if you don’t know the language of this source. Online translators are not authentic helpers in this situation.

  • Fake citations.

It is a type of plagiarism when students cite real sources which do not contain the information in focus. In case a person will try to find decided information in the source, he/she will not be able to do it.

  • Self-plagiarism.

You should be able to write several different papers on the same topic. If you have to explain the same idea in different papers, you must do it in such a way that no plagiarism is detected.

  • Incremental plagiarism.

Poor paraphrasing with a proper citation may still be considered as plagiarism.

  • Accidental plagiarism.

There are cases when a person writes a sentence similar to the sentence found in a source. After a detailed check, you may see that the information in the source does not correspond to what you have written but still, such a sentence must be rewritten.

Importance of Plagiarism Checker

The main idea of a plagiarism checker is not to accuse you, but to warn. You should know whether the paper you have written contains the instances of unintentional plagiarism or not. Using a plagiarism detector means that you worry about the quality of your paper. 

If you write content for a blog or a website, you should know that in case you copy information from another source to your page you risk appear in a blacklist for search engines, especially Google. If you want a higher page rank, you must create unique content.