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What is the best strategy for providing analysis when answering questions?

The best idea is to break the questions into parts and examine them individually in order to provide thorough analysis.

  • What Is Commenting?

Commenting involves defining the main issues and discussing them. Provide critical analysis and your opinions about the concepts. However, make sure to justify your comments with evidence.

  • What does It Mean to Make a Comparison?

A comparison involves selecting two people, events or things and discussing how they are similar. You should also explain why it is important to make a comparison, what the broader implications are, and draw conclusions.

  • What does It Mean to Make a Contrast?

A contrast involves selecting two people, events or things and discussing how they are different. You should explain how significant these differences are. You could also discuss how one is superior to the other.

  • What does It Mean to Critically Analyze?

Critical analysis involves choosing a topic and developing arguments in support and in opposition to it. Examine the evidence presented by each side and assess the strengths and weaknesses. Organize your analysis properly and clearly.

  • What does It Mean to Define Something?

A definition involves providing an exact meaning of a concept. In some cases, you will be asked to not merely provide a dictionary definition, but to discuss how you personally interpret a particular word.

  • What Is a Description?

A description involves selecting an object or concept, describing its main features or characteristics, or describing important events.

  • What Is a Discussion?

A discussion involves using arguments to highlight or assess an idea. It is important to look through the evidence and find support for your position. Even when you argue in support of an idea, you should still provide a balanced discussion by pointing out any possible weaknesses.

  • What does It mean to Distinguish Between Things?

Distinguishing involves identifying differences between concepts or objects and highlighting them.

  • What does an Evaluation Entail?

An evaluation involves selecting an object or concept and assessing it. You should develop an argument and discuss its importance, usefulness or benefits. Of course, your argument should always be backed up with strong evidence.

  • What does It Mean to Examine Something?

An examination involves scrutinizing a concept in-depth and presenting your findings.

  • What does It Mean to Explain Something?

An explanation involves discussing an event or concept and informing the reader about what it means or why it happens. It is important to interpret your findings, describe the event or concept, or provide clear reasons for their existence.

  • What Is Exploration?

An exploration involves examining an idea or event from various viewpoints.

  • What Is an Illustration?

An illustration involves explaining something in a clear manner. You should use supporting evidence to back up your claims.

  • What does It Mean to Interpret?

Interpretation involves explaining certain findings and demonstrating its relevance.

  • What does It mean to Justify Something?

When making an argument, you need to explain why it is worthy of exploration. This involves explaining why the reader should also consider it relevant and also discussing how certain conclusions were reached.

  • What Is Narration?

Narration is a form of storytelling in which an object, event or person is highlighted.

  • What Is an Outline?

An outline highlights the main argument and key points of a paper. It is not necessary to be full of details, it just needs to provide a basic structure.

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