The Five Major Types of Law

The field of law is highly complex as it is. But it is important to be aware that in the international sphere, there are actually 4 separate types of law with their own unique characteristics. A career in law can be extremely awarding, and each type of law is so diverse that they often cater to very specific interests and personalities.

A Brief Run Down of the Four Major Types of Law

Civil Law

Civil law serves as the most common legal system in the world and is used in such countries as the UK, US, India, and Canada. Rather than relying on judge-made decisions and precedence, the primary source of civil law comes from a reliable codified system. This system of law has been in existence for more than 2,000 years, having been created in ancient Rome.

Common Law

Common Law is another popular legal system that is used around the world. Spain, Germany, France, and Japan are just a few of the countries where it is practiced. In this system, the judge generally acts as the investigator while the lawyer places a lessor role compared to the civil law system. This system does not utilize a comprehensive complication of legal rules and statutes and instead relies heavily on precedent.

Property Law

This type of law is utilized whenever parties are involved in buying, selling or transferring assets. When assets change hands, it typically takes place between legal entities, which in this case can be individuals, charities, or enterprises. Property law is also used to lay out the legal rights of owners. Finally, legal conditions related to leases and property rentals also fall under property law.

Commercial Law

Commercial law involves the procedures and rules that enterprises must follow. Transactions in which the selling and purchasing of commercial goods are involved fall under this type of law. In addition, legal regulations related to tax law, contract law, health, safety, employment and copyright law are also commercial law issues.

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