Sample Illinois Institute of Technology Acceptance Letter

Illinois Institute of Technology Essay

Why are you interested in Illinois Institute of Technology? (250 words max)

Choosing a university to study at is not as simple as it may occur from the first glance. This is not just a place where one is going to spend a few next years of life, but a powerful institution that should be used as a starting platform for an outstanding future career. I believe that Illinois Institute of Technology has everything necessary for satisfying my academic needs.

My initial interest to IIT evolved when I learned about its structure and the unique programs it offers to the students who get a chance of studying in this institution. I believe that besides my motivation and full dedication to study, it is essential for the educational institution to provide a student with the maximum knowledge in the desired field, and Illinois Institute of Technology is the place that can offer this, and even more. It offers study in the small-sized groups, which guarantees better perception of the academic material, as well as higher attention from professors to students. Moreover, a variety of scholarships it offers would enable students with low levels of income to become capable of getting a proper education, and they would have to show their excellent knowledge for earning the scholarship. Finally, IIT provides an individual approach to its students, and this is what attracts me the most, as I would be sure that all of my requests would be addressed and my needs would be satisfied to the highest extent possible.


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Tell us why you are pursuing in business administration (250 words max)

The choice of my degree became obvious to me years ago, when I was a teenager and tried to earn my first money by doing small favors to our neighbors and getting some cash in return. When I grew older, my interests changed, and I realized that to make good money, one should get a decent job first. To do so, excellent education is required. However, plain earning of the degree is not enough, as only a degree in business administration would help me in successful acquiring of the career of my choice.

I have no confidence that I would have a certain specific career in a few years, yet, it would be a career in the business administration field, and I would surely be working hard to get the best job at the top corporation possible. Furthermore, I hope that one day the knowledge I would gain while studying for the business administration degree, combined with the practical experience I would be able to accumulate working after graduation, would allow me to launch a business of my own and become a big player in the market. I believe that running an own business should be a life-long dream of any business employee who is willing to gain the most advantages in life. Finally, business administration degree would also allow me to make important contacts with people from the business world who might help me in getting an advanced career in the future.

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