How to write a topic sentence: be brilliant at your writing

How to write a topic sentence: Excel owing to our suggested tricks

Each essay should comply with a number of requirements, and having topic sentences is one of them. The key purpose of using topic sentences is their role in organizing the paragraphs and making summarization of the details in a concise way to facilitate appealing to the readers and making the content arranged effectively. It is essential to learn how to write a topic sentence and there are many examples online that can give you valuable hints. An academic paper with no topic sentences cannot be a successful one.

Topic sentences: What are those?

A topic sentence makes the whole writing well-organized. It does identification of the key idea in every passage, but it is not its only function. It is possible to draw a parallel between a thesis statement and a topic sentence in an essay as it presents a writing subject to demonstrate what it is going to be about. These are essential elements for peculiar essay. We suggest analyzing the main characteristics of a topic sentence to gain understanding of its functions and role.

  • Present the key point of the paragraph.
  • Clarify content in a certain part of the text.
  • Ensure transitions between the parts.

Main functions

There are several objectives that topic sentences meet. The main idea or a topic sentence ensures a clear focus on the key message and gives the required tools to the readers who use them to gain thorough understanding of what you want them to know. A topic sentence sets the tone for a passage, being directly related to the essay thesis. It is important to insert topic sentences in the text as without them the audience will not be able to get the major points and there will be confusion and inconsistence in writing. Besides, topic sentences prevent miscommunication.

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Powerful topic sentences: Main characteristics

There are two ways of functioning for a topic sentence: it serves to support and refer to a thesis, and it gives a hint at what will be presented in the remaining part of the paragraph. It is a general sentence that unifies the paragraph with supporting sentences that give more specific details, examples, facts, and peculiar information. If you know how to write a topic sentence, you should remember that a well-written topic sentence is characterized by the following features:

An effective topic sentence comprises a topic and an angle, taken out of the thesis sentence.

Thesis: Despite a common perception of being employed at the national park service as a “summer job,” this occupation is known for its benefits, including the mobility, opportunities for continued learning, and employee’s satisfaction because of doing meaningful work and contributing to the health preservation and handling the resources of the state.

Weak example #1: The first National Park was created in the United States under President Woodrow Wilson in 1916, and at present national parks have hundreds of opportunities for summer jobs on a yearly basis.  

Explanation: The topic is followed as the sentence is about national parks, but there is no angle offered from the thesis ideas. It is wrong to have ideas in the topic sentences of the essay that are not mentioned in the essay thesis.

Stronger example: The national parks offer great encouragement to the workers of the field to maintain the available knowledge and attend seminars, trainings, on-the-job study, and tuition assistance to take good college courses.

Explanation: It is right to analyze the thesis and take any angle from there to form a topic sentence that will have its own angle and topic. 

Weak example #2: There are numerous benefits offered by being employed in National Parks.

Explanation: Notwithstanding the subject of benefits touched upon in the thesis, a topic sentence is to be more carefully formulated as the point should be made more clearly on a specific angle of the thesis.  

Stronger example: The national parks not only encourage their workers to maintain the available knowledge, but also demand that through attending seminars, trainings, on-the-job study, and tuition assistance to take good college courses.  

  • A topic sentence indicates what will be presented in the remaining part of the paragraph.

Weak example: First of all, what we need is a more sophisticated approach to educating students.

Explanation: It is a vague claim as it comprises insufficient information regarding what is going to be included in the remaining part of the paragraph. Moreover, it is excessively broad and it cannot be effectively presented in a short paragraph.

Stronger example: The student education can be improved significantly in numerous states via developing an effective national set of standards for teaching English and math.

Explanation: The idea of ‘a more sophisticated approach’ is clearer here as the readers get access to supporting examples and explanations about how the quality of learning can be improved.

  • An effective topic sentence in the paragraph is the most general one and it has no supporting ideas included.

Weak example: There are numerous reasons why salaries for baseball players should be capped, primarily as it is wrong to have the same team as a permanent winner.

Explanation: There is a supporting idea in this topic sentence, but it should be presented in the further text of this paragraph as a back-up of the topic sentence. 

Stronger example: There are numerous reasons why baseball game can be improved via salary caps introduced. 

Explanation: In this variant of a topic sentence, there is no extra supporting idea. It will be explained later on, in the text of the paragraph. At the same time, the claim of the topic sentence is about how the game can be improved via salary caps.  

  • An effective topic sentence should be characterized by precision and clarity.

Weak example: Generally speaking, it is much more effective and much easier to write a thesis, essay, or any document of academic or non-academic type with the outline, which can be of various types, written first.

Explanation: The structure of the sentence is confusing, and there are a lot of unnecessary words that make the key message vague; so, the audience will be confused in following the ideas of the topic sentence.

Stronger example: It is possible to improve various writing forms by developing an outline first.

Explanation: There is no unnecessary vocabulary in the topic sentence. Moreover, it is considerably simpler than the previous one. Thus, the readers can follow the ideas easily, and they will expect having examples of how an outline can improve writing.

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High quality topic sentences: Examples

Without inspiration, you cannot produce an outstanding piece of writing. Facing challenges, you are not focused on writing either. To assist you, we have prepared several suggestions that you can use for further elaboration. We want you to use them with convenience, so we divided them into several categories.

Narrative topic sentences

  • The last comments of my neighbor made me realize that a gang was going to start a mutiny;
  • It was amazing to look at the ocean waters that night, but I could stop thinking about how many people would die pretty soon;
  • It was then when I managed to understand the depth of that misery;
  • He believed that he had already seen all possible terrible things in his life, but a new turn of events made him realize that the nature had something else to offer.

Argumentative topic sentences

  • The success of the team games is often ascribed to players, although the merit of the coaches is unquestionable;
  • The plot of Romeo and Juliette is the key reason why it is viewed as the top romantic story of all times;
  • Every shipping company should implement a number of strategies, one of which is providing an armed security to have protection from pirates;
  • Contemporary technology leads not only to the progress, but also to the development of new crimes, and one of such examples is a file-sharing website.

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Stages of writing outstanding topic sentences

Have a look at the step-by-step guideline that we have prepared for you about writing topic sentences.

  1. First of all, develop an appropriate thesis statement to explain all your ideas for the essay.
  2. It is essential to give a summary of all those ideas to have clear topic sentences in all paragraphs.
  3. We recommend writing down the ideas and then making a decision about the thoughts that should be used for topic sentences.
  4. Make a list of ideas and order your thoughts. It is a good strategy aimed at structuring the text with smooth flow between the paragraphs. It is important to guide the readers through the text with sufficient number of arguments as proofs of the presented ideas.
  5. Learn how to write a topic sentence and make it convincing. Make sure that this sentence explains the topic well, has a logical connection to all paragraphs, and sounds reasonable.


It is essential to practice and develop the ability to work on outstanding topic sentences for drafting a good essay and getting excellent grades. However, if you feel that your performance can be affected negatively because you are not sure in your abilities, contact a reputable company online and order affordable services that offer creating ideas, great writing topics, adherence to the standards of original writing, and experience of every writing expert.