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Have you been scammed by writing services? We understand your anger and frustration, because many clients who end up with us have experienced just what you have. They paid for a paper and received a terrible product which they could not submit without completely re-writing it or, worse, had to trash it completely.

With, you get an entirely different process. We are completely open with our customers, and they are aware of every stage their paper is at. Our company together with its customers has managed to build the confidence which is not available with other services. Whether you need an essay, report, critique, term or research paper, thesis or dissertation, the process is the same.

When you use our service, here is what happens:

Place Your Order

Use our user-friendly form to place your order. This form allows you to indicate the academic level (high school, college, etc.), the specific topic of the piece, type of piece (essay, report, research paper, etc.) and all other requirements, such as length, number and types of resources to be used, citation format, etc. Also on this form, you will find the place to indicate your deadline. This is critically important. We urge you to give us as much time as possible to complete the work, but if the order is truly urgent, we will still accept it and complete it exactly by the deadline. Next step to make is to pay for your order. The prices are based upon our pricing policy which is very flexible and depends upon the work and the deadline.

An order with a short deadline will be immediately assigned to a team of academicians in the subject field who will work together to meet the deadline. If the deadline provides more time, the paper will be transferred to our contracted writers. It will be given to the writer with an appropriate specialization and suitable academic level.

Once you have placed your order, you will automatically get the personal profile. Your email will be your login and life-time discount code.

Upload Additional Information

Usually it takes several minutes for your order to be taken by the writer. At your account you can upload any additional information that you think your writer may need, including samples of your own writing for your writer to emulate. You can also contact your writer directly, to know he or she is on the right track and that your order is progressing according to your expectations. A messaging system has been set up for this purpose. However, you can upload additional information before we find a suitable writer or during the initial stages of the writing process.

Your Order is Completed

Once your order is completed, you are immediately notified. However, before it is delivered to you, it must first go through our strict editing process. The piece is read, revised if necessary, and scanned for plagiarism, so that we can ensure that it is structurally sound, grammatically correct and completely original. The work is then uploaded for you to download and is sent to your email address as well.

Free Plagiarism Check and Editing

Once your paper is completed it undergoes a series of evaluations, plagiarism check and editing process to ensure top quality.


Once the time you gave us to write your paper is over, it will be uploaded to your personal profile. We will send you a copy to your personal e-mail. You will have 48 hours to request a revision (if needed).

After you have used our service, we encourage you to complete the feedback/questionnaire form, describing your experience with any and all of our departments. Only in this way we can continue to improve our services and provide appropriate payment to our writers. We provide bonuses to writers who are exemplary and discard writers who do not meet our expectations. Your input is truly valuable to us, so please complete the form.

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