A Harvard essay sample: be careful with all the requirements

Harvard essay sample: Your guide in academic writing

Essays are common students’ assignments and there are a lot of styles for citations to be used in those papers. The students, who are not sure how to reference and cite the used sources, can follow a high quality APA essay sample or Harvard essay sample, according to the recommendations of their professors. The Harvard system of formatting and citing implies mentioning the last name of the author and the publication date. Besides, the book full details should be mentioned in the final part of writing. This is the format recommended for use by the Harvard University students.

In-text citations

Have a look at how the citations are mentioned in the text with the indication of the name of the author and the publication date.

“”I am what I am, an’ I’m not ashamed” (Rowling, 2010, pg 109)

“But I am I. And I won’t subordinate my taste to the unanimous judgment of mankind” (London, 2000, pg 45)

Reference list

The reference list encloses all the details of the sources used for in-text citations within the text of the essay. Do not forget the key rules that the students should comply with

  • Keep to the alphabetical order of mentioning the sources on a list according to the last name of the author
  • Either underline or use italics for book and journal titles
  • Start your reference list from a new page

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Harvard essay sample: Examples

Lucas, G. (2004) The wonders of the Universe. 2nd edn. Edited by Frederick Jones, James Smith and Tony Bradley. London: Smiths.

It is necessary to add a reference list to the paper only provided that the text includes citations from the works of other authors. In case there are no in-text citations, there should be no reference list.


All items relevant to your process of preparation for writing your assignment are on the list of bibliography. They create a general writing background and facilitate understanding of the writing by the readers. You should check the specific instructions to every assignment as some professors demand having a bibliography at the end of the paper, while others do not.

According to some requirements, an annotated bibliography is replaced with a reference list, so you should double check the instructions every time you start a new assignment to write. If you have to present an annotated bibliography, you are supposed to provide concise information regarding the required sources with some extra details and source evaluation.

Nota bene

• Citing someone else’s work, you have to refer to the author’s name followed with the publication date, for instance

(Brown, 2015, pg 12)

• You have to include a referenced page if you refer to a specific part of someone’s work.

• You can mention the name of the author and the publication year in brackets at the end of the corresponding sentence if they are not mentioned in the text.

• It is possible to cite two authors referring to them in the text in the following manner:

Stone (1997) and Wall (2011)

• If there are two or more authors, the reference to them is made in the following manner:

Doe and Brace (2018) state that …

• If three or more authors were engaged in the similar research, the listing of their names should be done in the order of dates when the publications were done.

• The word ‘anonymous’ is used if you cannot find the name of the author of a particular publication. However, it is much better to know the names of the authors and refer to them as it adds to the professionalism of the papers.

Public Relations (Black, 2004)

The work uses the citations as a back-up to enable the readers understand that the point of view you present has corresponding evidence.

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Compilation of a reference list

General layout and punctuation in a Harvard essay sample

There are the rules to follow to format the reference list properly, so it will not be complicated for you to compile it. Your readers should be able to trace the materials and sources you have applied in your research.

  • The order of listing the items is alphabetical
  • The title page is obligatory for the reference details
  • If you have used several works of one author, the listing should be made according to the date, with the first work as the earliest.

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