Follow Our Guide to Create a Perfect PowerPoint Presentation

Effective guidelines on creating unique PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint application provided by Microsoft is a strong instrument for creation of multimedia presentations. With fancy fonts, clip art, animation, graphics, charts, sounds and a number of various color schemes, it has become easy to create a Hollywood flop equivalent and lose the objective in the medium. We offer you to check out the basic ideas that may be helpful in creating unique PPTs.


Simple means genius

  1. Include one message per one slide. In case you have two messages, include two slides.
  2. Use minimum text on every slide. Viewers have no desire to read an essay on your slides.
  3. Use elements that enhance the content of your slide. Support your message by using appropriate graphics. The learning process can be improved with adding good graphics while bad graphics will only distract the targeted audience.
  4. Make sure the design is consistent. Pay attention to font styles, color and graphics.
  5. Palatino, a formal typeface, together with a symmetrical layout can be for some serious content or you may apply Comic Sans, a casual font, together with asymmetric layout for some topic, which is considered lighter.
  6. Make sure there are the beginning, the middle and the logical end. Inform the audience about the topic, cover the topic and sum it up.
  7. You can try writing the last slide first in case you have no idea where you are heading. First, you should plan the ending part. It will help you to understand what you want to prove. Then make sure the rest of the slides provide support to your conclusion.

PowerPoint presentation sample for free

Download PDF Sample.

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Guide to creating effective presentations

Brainstorm the ideas

  • Get to know your audience
  • Do they know something about the topic?
  • Do you want to teach them anything?
  • How will you present your PowerPoint and under what circumstances?

Design of the slides

  1. Address one concept on every slide
  2. Every slide should be base on the previous one
  3. Do not overuse the text lines on the slide. Six lines are sufficient.
  4. Upper and lower case text should be used instead of all caps.
  5. Select the color that suits to the conveyed mood.
  6. Do not overuse the colors (maximum 4 or 5).
  7. Provide photos to help your audience relate the information to the real life. Give credit to the outside sources in order to avoid plagiarism.


  • Dark Blue color will have a calming effect and is used for mature messages.
  • Trigger excitement with orange or red colors.
  • Make your audience feel comfortable by using green color.
  • The attention will be grabbed faster with yellow color.
  • The “quality” idea can be promoted by using grey color.
  • Sincerity and honesty can be projected with white color.
  • Most viewers do not perceive black color.

In case you want your audience to remain focused, make the background darks and use lighter colors for the txt. Lighter areas attract the eyes better. In addition, objects in warmer and lighter colors appear to be closer than those in dark colors.

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