• Frequent questions and answers on EssaysService custom writing company

    • What is your company responsible for?

      As soon as the client has filled in the order registration field, our company administration tries to find the writer who best matches your paper requirements and qualifications. Keep in mind that our customers get round-the-clock customer support. You can get in touch with your assigned writer at any time and get updates on the writing progress. We can guarantee that you will be informed on each stage of writing. Regardless of the deadline or complexity of your paper, your order will be delivered strictly on time.

    • Is it all private? Can my personal info be shared?

      None of personal or contact details are ever shared with others or disclosed to the third parties. Our company is fully responsible for maintaining ultimate security of all information that you share with us. The confidentiality guarantees are provided to both writers and clients. We do not even disclose such details as names and gender of our clients. In their turn, customers do not have access to information about writers either.

    • I don't want to indicate my personal phone number. Why do I have to do that?

      We do not impose any obligation on our clients when it comes to leaving their phone numbers. However, we inform them that they lose a chance to be urgently contacted by our company`s administration or customer support center if there are some urgent cases with the order.

    • Is your service confidential?

      Definitely. Our online custom writing service is confidential, so do not worry that your group mates or professors will ever get to know that you have been cooperating with us. We do not record any personal information left by you.

    • What is your work schedule?

      Our company operates round-the-clock, so you can turn to us for help at any time of the day or night.

    • Do you complete urgent orders?

      Our company`s writers have rich experience in dealing with a variety of orders. Besides, they are used to working under stressful conditions, so be sure that even urgent orders will be easily dealt with.

    • Will my paper be ready on time?

      One of our guarantees on the company`s policies list is that we always deliver papers according to the set deadline. Completed papers can be downloaded from your personal profile on the company`s website. When you are filling in the order placement form, you just have to leave the key information about the order, including the deadline to ensure that the order is managed on time.

    • What is your pricing policy?

      The total price for the order depends on a wide range of factors, namely paper length, complexity level, delivery date, complexity of topic, and others. You can find out the price for your order in the “Pricing Policy” section or simply contact the live chat support and ask them to calculate the price for you.

    • Can I negotiate the price at your website?

      Prices for custom written orders are stable. Still, some specific requests can be discussed with the live chat support agents. If you want to save even more money, you can monitor any special offers or discounts that are provided from time to time. You can use discount coupons and get your order at a reasonable price.

    • Do you guarantee grades?

      We cannot guarantee grades since we cannot know how your professor evaluates orders, how strict or picky he/ she is, etc. Nonetheless, what we can guarantee is the premium quality of writing. As such, we adhere to the anti-plagiarism policy and we provide a free revision option within two days after the deadline expiration. The latter can really help customers, especially the first-time ones, to be more sure that they will get a top-quality paper.

    • How can I be sure that I will get a quality paper and do you guarantee any grades?

      We differentiate grades and high quality since the former can be rather subjective. We are able to guarantee excellent quality of services since all writers on our team are experts in academic writing, they hold Master`s and PhD degrees, and they specialize in different research fields. All writers are top-rated and they have won excellent reputation among students of different academic levels and from different corners of the world. More so, it is possible to look through paper sample pages on the company`s website if you want to take a look at some examples of writing.

  • Issues with ordering papers

    • Can I first check if you can complete my assignment, and then start placing the order?

      Definitely, you can do that. Just get in touch with our customer support representatives via live chat or email support@essaysservice.com, provide your paper instructions, and then ask them whether they can find an expert writer to deal with the paper for you.

    • Cannot submit the order form. The page does not update.

      Double check if the size of the file is not too big for the upload. As a rule, the file fails to download when it is too big. In such case, you can share the files with the customer support service and they will forward it to your assigned writer.

    • I have selected the wrong urgency/academic level/type of assignment/number of pages. Can I edit my order?

      As soon as you have submitted your order, it is not possible to edit the order descriptions on your own. Still, you can contact the live chat support and our customer support representatives will make the necessary adjustments and will inform your writer on them. If the requirements have greatly changed, we will also recalculate the price. Sometimes, you will have to pay the difference or we will refund a part of the sum (if the order has become cheaper).

    • How can I add more pages to my order?

      You can place an additional order on the website and indicate that these are the pages to the formerly placed order of yours. You will then need to indicate the ID of the order under question. If you face any troubles with that, contact our customer support representatives and they will assist you.

    • How can I see that my order is assigned?

      You need to log into your personal profile and check on the order status. If it says “Processing,” it means that the order has already been assigned to a writer, and the writer is working on it. If the status says, “Payment verification,” it means that you have not paid for the order yet or that the payment has not yet gone through. In such cases, the writer is not assigned until we get a payment confirmation. If the status indicates “Completed/ Sent,” check on the order since the final version much have probably been uploaded.

    • How can I change my password/phone number/email?

      Click the tab “Profile”. You can get access to it only after you have logged into your account, so do not forget about that. After you have changed the needed information, do not forget to click “Save changes” button.

    • When do I receive my order?

      The order will be delivered according to the indicated deadline. So, be sure that it will be provided not later than the set deadline. If you need the order to be delivered faster, inform the customer support center about it: they will contact your assigned writer and will check whether it is possible for the writer to finish the paper sooner. Keep in mind that you will have to pay extra for urgent delivery.

    • I have issues with placing the order. Why?

      If you cannot place the order on the website or if you have troubles with submitting the information in the correspondent fields, do not hesitate to address customer support representatives. You will be able to provide all the required attachments via customer support.

    • I click proceed and the order form just keeps loading/stays gray.

      If you have tried to attach some files, such as detailed requirements, templates or paper samples, be sure that their size is appropriate. Also check on whether the format is supported. If you cannot upload the filed online on your own, you need to contact customer support representatives. They will help you with that.

    • I paid but it's still asking me to pay.

      After you have paid for the order, check your inbox and see whether there is a payment receipt. Forward it to our company`s administration as a proof. If there is no payment receipt in the inbox, check in the spam section. If there is still no receipt even there, check your banking card for the banking statement that proves that your money has been withdrawn. If your payment has not really been proceeded, you can try it once again via some other browser, banking card, device, etc.

    • I want to check if my assignment can be done. Can I do it before placing the order?

      Sure, you can forward your instructions to our customer support first. They will check on the requirements and will find out whether there is a writer who can cope with them. As soon as they get a reply, they will inform you on whether they have found a writer or not.

    • I have issues with paying for the order. What should I do?

      The company’s administration does not deal with the payments directly. We have a specific financial department that can help you out with that. However, if you have such troubles as the inability to proceed with your payment, we suggest choosing another card, changing the payment method or using a different browser.

    • Do you send the orders earlier if the Writers complete them before my deadline is over?

      Our company adheres to the deadline limits, so orders are completed according to the set deadlines. The paper urgency you have chosen impacts the price of your order, so if you need the order faster, you will need to ask the customer support agents to modify the requirements. After that, you will need to pay the difference as urgent papers cost more.

    • Order form freezes and doesn’t go through: it keeps loading. What could be a reason for that?

      As a rule, such delays happen when you try to upload large files and exceed the allowed size of the attachments. Try to submit the order without any attachments then. If the order is submitted successfully, you can forward the attachments to the customer support center via email.

    • Is it possible to receive my order earlier?

      Our writers follow the order delivery policy and they deliver papers specifically according to the deadline. When you are placing an order with a specific deadline, you should receive the paper at around the indicated deadline. If the paper is needed faster, you will have to pay extra to cover the price difference.

    • I tried to submit my order several times but the site doesn't allow me to do that. What should I do?

      Try to reload the page. Double-check on the number of files you plan to attach and their size. If you have been trying to upload all files at once, try to upload them one by one. If it does not help, their size is probably too big for attachment, so you will need to forward them to the customer support agents.

    • The writer/professor asked me to add an extra page. How can I pay for one more page?

      You need to visit the company’s website, log into your personal account, open your orders section, and click the “Additional Order’ option next to the needed order. You will then have to submit the order placement form, pay for it as usual. After this procedure, these two orders will be linked together. Your assigned writer will know that he/ she should provide more pages to it.

    • I set a wrong deadline. Is it possible to shorten the deadline?

      Of course, it is possible, but you will have to pay extra if you need the order earlier than you planned. Our customer support representatives can help you with that.

    • Why can't I pay for the order?

      If you have got a notification that there is some error in the order payment process, you are recommended here to change the banking card, try using some other electronic device or try paying from another browser.

    • I made a mistake and have chosen the wrong urgency for my order. I need it earlier. Is it possible? What should I do to get it on?

      We can definitely provide your paper as per your request. However, you will need to pay extra for paper urgency. The compensation change will be calculated by considering the initial deadline and the renewed one.

    • When will I get my order and how can I receive my paper?

      When you fill in the order registration form, you provide there different details, including the deadline. So, your assigned writer will be expected to deliver the order at around the indicated deadline. As soon as the writer finishes it, the paper will appear on the website.

    • Where can I find my paper?

      Upon paper completion, you will be able to download it from your personal profile. Moreover, you will receive a notification via email when the order is completed.

    • How will I receive the completed assignment?

      You can download the paper from your personal account on the website, and you can also ask our customer support center to send you the paper via email.

    • Where is my paper uploaded?

      When you log into your personal account on the website, you will be able to see the “Files” tab. When you click it, you will see the list of your completed orders.

    • Do you send the papers via email after they are completed?

      Normally, papers can be downloaded from your personal profile on the company’s website. However, if needed, we can send the paper to you via email. You will get the link for download.

  • Issues with writers

    • Who will write my paper?

      We have a rich and versatile team of writers who come from different educational background, specialize in different majors, and are thus capable of coping with plenty of different assignments regardless of their topic or complexity. When assigning a writer to work on your paper, we make sure that their qualifications best match your paper instructions.

    • How can I know when the writer is assigned?

      Once the writer is assigned to work on your order, you will be able to see their writer’s ID in the field of your order details.

    • How long does it take to assign a writer?

      We do everything possible to find a writer within the shortest time and assign them to work on your order. In general, it takes from a few minutes to even a few hours depending on the order complexity. Besides, it depends on the writers’ availability, urgency, and order specifics how quick a writer will be assigned.

    • How can I talk to the writer?

      There is a possibility to get in touch with your writer via direct messaging system on the company’s website. You just have to log into your private account. If you have some urgent issue and the writer cannot be reached, you can turn to our live chat support for help and they will contact your writer.

    • Do I need to pay for the preferred Writer if I choose the supreme level of writing for my order?

      If you pick supreme or premium level of writing, you get a guarantee that your order will be assigned as soon as possible to one of the top writers on our team. We have a separate department of more than 30 writers who are top-rated. Besides, you get a plagiarism report as a proof that your paper is original. If you have been placing orders with our company previously and you know that you like some specific writer the most, you can indicate their writer’s ID in one of the fields in the order placement form.

    • How do I know if the writer is working on my assignment or not?

      It is possible to check the order status in your private account manually. If the payment has been successfully proceeded, you will see that the order status is “New.” As soon as the writer is assigned to work on your order, the order status will be changed to “Processing.” As soon as the paper is completed, the order status will be “Sent.” If you want to get immediate update on the order processing status, you can contact the customer support team for information.

    • How should I order paper with the same writer who did my previous work (I liked his writing style and got high grades for that assignment. Now, I want him to do the rest of my assignments on my course.)

      If you liked how a particular writer works on some of your previous orders, you just have to check on the writer’s ID indicated there and copy this number into the corresponding field of the newly placed order. Be sure that when choosing a preferred writer, you have to pay extra – 15%.

    • How can I contact the writer?

      According to the company’s policy, there is a chance to send messages to your assigned writer via the messaging system in your personal account. If you do not have a chance to log into your website, you can contact our customer support team so that they could get clarifications.

    • Can the writer buy the needed book?

      According to the company’s policy, a customer has to provide all the needed materials if they are not available online. So, writers do not buy any books to work on the orders.

    • If I have questions, how can I talk to the writer?

      If you have some inquiries, questions or comments concerning the writing process, you are welcome to communicate with your assigned writer online via the messaging system on the company’s website. If you need some clarifications or updates urgently, you can contact our live chat support and our customer support representatives will get back to you with the answer as soon as possible.

    • My online test will last for an hour. I can’t find such an urgency option onsite. Is it possible to get your help?

      We provide an option where clients can provide credentials to their writers so that they are able to take the test in the real-life regime. To clarify if some writer is available at the indicated time, you need to get in touch with our customer support team.

    • Who is working on my paper?

      All tasks that are handled by our company’s writers are guaranteed to be of top quality since all writers on our team are experts having academic degrees in different disciplines.

    • I want the specific Writer from my previous orders. How can I do that?

      Check the list of orders that you have previously assigned with us, find the writer’s ID in one of the orders that you were really satisfied with. Copy the writer’s ID from that order and copy it into the new order placement field.

    • How can I communicate with my Writer?

      You can get in touch with your assigned writer via the direct messaging system on the website. With some urgent issues, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team that operates 24/7.

  • Questions about assignments you place

    • What type of assignment should I choose?

      If you cannot clearly understand what type of writing assignment you should indicate, you can contact our customer support representatives and get assistance from them. One of the options is to send our customer support your writing requirements and they will help you to decide what writing type you are expected to place.

    • What type of assignment should I choose in case I can't find the needed one on your list?

      Just send us your order assignments to our customer support center and we will help you decide what assignment you should place.

    • Will you be able to help with a very complex paper?

      Our team of writers are able to handle orders of any complexity level: from high school and college to Master’s and PhD. If it is hard for you to identify order complexity, just send us your instructions and we will help you identify it.

    • Can you help with my test?

      Clients can get help not only with custom writing assignments, such as essays or research papers, but also with passing exams, quizzes, and tests. In such case, you just need to indicate “Online Exam” type of writing. After that, you just send the instructions and upload any needed files and instructions. When providing order description, indicate the time and duration of the test. Do not forget to specify the time zone.

    • I already have the part of the work, can you finish it for me?

      Yes, sure. You cannot only order a custom-written paper from scratch from our company, but you can also place a paper chapter. If you have some questions, get in touch with the live chat support.

    • Can you do my coding assignment?

      Our company provides only custom writing services. We do not have experts on our team who can handle programming or coding assignments.

    • Do you do online tests?

      Yes, we provide assistance with this order type. If you want to place such order with us, you have to upload all files that should be used for the test preparation, materials, samples templates, and other details. You also have to leave your credentials for logging into the website for taking the test.

  • Questions in terms of other services

    • Can I get a draft of my paper?

      Yes, sure, you can indicate that you need a one-page draft initially. The draft will be sent to your account after half the deadline has expired. Please consider that you will have to pay extra.

    • How do I request a revision?

      A free revision option is granted during 48 hours after the deadline expiration. In general, it depends on your order: if the order is short, a free revision option takes up two days, whereas when the paper is long (20 pages and more), the free revision period takes up to 30 days. You need to send specific revision instructions to your assigned writer as to what particularly should be changed. An important thing here is not to change the original instructions.

    • I need a revision but the free revision period has already ex[ored and my request is late. What can I do?

      If the revision request is rather late, you need to place a new order entitled “Revision” and provide an additional payment.

    • Is it only 1 Revision that I can request during the free revision period?

      No, you can request an unlimited number of revisions during the free revision period. It will depend on the revision requests deadlines.

    • Do you provide revision if some corrections are needed in the paper?

      If you have received a paper that you are not fully satisfied with, you are welcome to apply for a revision. You will be able to get a revised paper for free if you send a revision request within 48 hours after the deadline expiration. You should not change original instructions – the revision should be based on the initial requirements you have sent. However, if your professor has changed or updated instructions, you will need to place a compensation order. It will be additionally paid.

    • How do I receive notifications?

      If some changes are needed, you will receive messages via the direct messaging system. Besides, you will also get email notifications. If needed, you can also provide some settings that would enable one to receive messages via SMS or even telephone calls.

    • How can I be sure that my paper provided by the writer is not plagiarized?

      Our ultimate aim is to deliver top-notch quality papers that exceed your expectations. Apart from excellent quality of writing, we guarantee papers that are free from plagiarism, are authentic, and unique in content.

    • Do you guarantee 100% plagiarism-free papers?

      Our company’s administration guarantees that every paper you place with us will be original, plagiarism-free and creative. When assigning writers to work on your papers, you can be rest assured that they will be handled by professionals with great expertise. We carefully explore paper assignment and all requirements, and then assign the writer who best matches the area of expertise. Before delivering the paper to the client, we thoroughly check it via plagiarism checker.

    • Is there any way I can check my paper for Plagiarism with you?

      When you choose the VIP option of plagiarism check, you will be sent a link to your account. You will be able to find it in the order details information. With this option, you will be granted an opportunity to check 1,000 words for free within a year.

    • How do I know the paper was edited or proofread?

      When you order VIP services, you get a chance to receive utmost quality control assurance. As such, the paper will be thoroughly checked for plagiarism, it will be edited and proofread by the editor, and formatted according to the latest academic standards.

    • I was informed that my order will be refunded. How long does this process usually take?

      On average, it takes from three to five business days to handle and process the money refund application. It often depends on the baking card.

    • How can I get a refund in a form of bonus credits? How do I use these credits afterwards?

      One of the options is to message our customer support agents via live chat, email or contact them via phone. Another option is to contact the Financial Department via email. You will get bonus credits assigned to your private account as soon as the refund is processed and approved.