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Being a student, you will definitely face a need to write academic coursework, and this challenge is unavoidable. However, rather than panic and feel anxious about this assignment, you should get prepared for the encounter and know you “enemy” to be able to cope with it. Thus, a coursework is a type of academic paper that is called to check knowledge that a student gained over a course and test his/her ability to apply the learned concepts and terms in practice. This paper might be assigned in a variety of formats. Some professor might want you to submit a classical essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion, while others might request a research report or simple answers to questions. So, you should be ready for everything.

Academic Coursework Writing Tips

Whenever you are tasked to write this type of paper, be sure not to procrastinate and put the assignment on the pile with other unfinished or even not started assignments. In fact, try to write it as soon as possible even if you are given a fairly long deadline. A delay will eventually lead to some more delays. If you have troubles with managing your time, make sure to create a schedule and follow it precisely. Divide the writing process into stages and give each of them a deadline if the coursework is lengthy. If the task is short and rather simple, for instance, to write a critique of an article, make an uncomplicated plan and adhere to it. For example, you could organize writing in the following way:

  • Find and quickly read an article under consideration, which can be done even on a bus or in the subway.
  • Take a 5-minute pause to let eyes rest and to make some tea.
  • Read an article at least one or two more times and jot down and/or highlight the main points, which later may be used in the analysis. If necessary, have a look at examples of coursework or article critiques.
  • Decide on the principal argument that will be discussed in the text.
  • Take a 15-minute break to have a walk and do some exercises as it will help the brain to recover and unwind a bit.
  • Look through the notes and with the argument in mind, compose an outline.
  • Without a pause, create the first draft while all ideas are still vivid and fresh.
  • Take a break of at least one hour to recharge own batteries.
  • Re-read the draft and revise it in way to eliminate all inconsistencies and inaccuracies.
  • Edit and proofread the paper and correct its formatting.
  • Enjoy your free time, as the coursework is ready.  

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To ensure a high grade for this paper, you should:

  1. Proofread the paper carefully. Many students are tempted to skip this step and rely fully on software in this regard. However, the latter might underline a typo, but it will not “notice” mistakes with a word choice or style.
  2. Diversify your language. Do not write in a boring manner and make you writing brighter by using synonyms, which you may find in thesaurus. Nevertheless, do not replace keyword and terms with synonyms. Otherwise, you will simply be misunderstood and will make a reader confused.
  3. Avoid plagiarizing. Be sure to provide in-text citation to all the text that you take from sources but do not overuse the latter. Remember that coursework should be primarily based on your own reflections and ideas, whereas sources should be used only to back up your claims.

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Free Coursework Sample to Read

Contemporary world of business is a complex system of processes running within different segments of economy. It is a fact that the development of every company depends on the way it responses to the external threats of the environment, tendencies in the economic development and the diversity of aspects triggered by the processes running in the economy. However, the company’s ability to meet needs and requirements of customers exerts the main influence on the company’s success achievement. It is the main source providing companies with rapid growth and development. The company’s intention to achieve success is accompanied by the desire to exceed its level of performance. However, there is a concept, which is common for many companies. It occurs as soon as the company fails to evaluate the necessity of changing strategic approach to management. The concept is called strategic drift. It occurs, when the company becomes overwhelmed with the success achieved.

The company forgets to switch to another strategic approach as long as it believes that its previous strategy is appropriate for further growth and development. Thus, it leads to the slow motion in the process of meeting the latest tendencies in the business world’s development. Apparently, the main tendency proved by the evidence of many companies is that strategic drift manifests itself on the surface of company’s problems when it is too late. However, it depends on the company’s response and regulative measures whether strategic drift becomes costly and problematic for further development (Zafar, Butt & Afzal 2014). Strategic drift may also happen for the reason of professionals’ selfish nature of performance.

Professionals may act only for the sake of their success and achievements, leaving the company on the halfway to success. Thus, it is the company’s duty to have employees, who dedicate their work for the company’s development. However, when it does not happen, the company undergoes the loss of intellectual resources and receives an increased employee turnover rate. The named above reasons prove that it is necessary to establish an effective system of measures, which will help the company cope with strategic drift and decrease the risk of its occurrence. In fact, intended strategy development and emergent strategy development can become two main key points in the company’s intention to fight and avoid strategic drift. It is important to take into account both strategies in order to evaluate advantages and disadvantages of each of them (Zahn n.d.). Finally, it will help to understand in what way it is appropriate to help the company avoid problems in the prospect of its strategy.