UNK (Sample Paper on Technology)

A CD-RW (Compact Disc- Rewritable) is an optical disc that is rewritable and it was originally introduced in 1997 and it was called “CD-Writable” and it was later followed by CD-MO. CD-RWs have to be formatted before use and have shorter rewriting cycles. With data recovery equipment, you can be able to retrieve data from a formatted CD-RW.

DVD-R (digital video discs) is well known to use the organic dye technology and is quite compatible with so many DVD drives. DVD-ROM has a capacity of 4.7G and was crucial for the production of the desktop DVD. DVD+RW uses a phase change media which has a very high-frequency and wobbled groove which is adapted to eradicate linking sectors. It is an erasable format founded on CD-RW expertise and is well supported by Sony, Hewlett-Packard, Yamaha, and Philips among others. DVD+R is a write-once variant of DVD+RW which emerged in 2002.


A pointing device is a computer device will allow you to be able to manipulate a screen pointer or other graphical controls which are screen based. They are input devices which are used to show a position in space which may include; trackpads, trackballs, and joysticks (Ifrah, 2001).

Trackpads or touch pads as they are commonly known are commonly used in laptops to substitute a computer mouse. They have a tactile sensor which is a surface that is specialized to translate the position and motion of the fingers of the user to a position on the screen.

Trackballs are an example of pointing devices with a ball which is held up in a socket like structure that contains several sensors which help in detecting the rotation of the ball around the axes. They were developed by Fred Longstaff and Tom Cranston long before the invention of the mouse. They had the advantage of having being in direct contact with the user’s hand which is more hygienic than a mouse pad or a desk (Lavington, 1998).

Joysticks have two buttons that are commonly called triggers. They are most commonly used to control and play video games and the push buttons are in a state that can be read by the computer. The most commonly used type is the analog stick.

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