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The Role of Technology in Quality Education

This assignment evaluates the article “The Role of Technology in Quality Education” which is written by Garson, David. Technology is considered to be a tool for quality education. Most policymakers have invested in this, which is believed to promote the education needed. There have been debates about the issue of technological whereby the enthusiasts believe with technology there is quality in education, new educational cultures are emerging and incase a problem arises, then some factors  are considered which are lack of better administrative and technological planning.

Others argue educational technology is a remedy which needs to be done away with. This can be an evident in the article of Chronicle of higher Education which says that online education through technology, limits one from getting enough educational materials they need and paid for since some are there for business purposes. Other parties that are against this online education are the American Federation of Teachers and other faculties to who have gone to extend of performing strikes on streets because of it.

Despite the criticism being given above about distance learning through technology, some of the recognized institutions have embraced the idea of online learning by coming up with quality standards and guidelines to govern those applying on them. Such institution like Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunication have posted their educational documents online such as “Principles of Good Practice for Electronically Offered Academic Degree and Certificate Programs ” this policies have been promoted by governing and policy making body in the western United States not leaving behind the regional accrediting community.

They believe whatever they post online, it relates with what they teach in their institutions. Such guidelines are like any certificate offered electronically is genuine and complete. Whatever program that is being offered online, the end results is directly awarded to the degree or certificate being offered. In whatever case, each program is consistence with any institution’s role and mission. With this and many more guidelines being offered, It has been noted that some similar guidelines have been found in some of the connections in the world largest experiment in online distance education which is the Open Learning experiment found in the U.K. according to this experiment, three factors were found that could combine had the real quality and the integrity needed to offer the Open Learning courses. These were to be the common structure course material, through the use of methodologies, open competence was encouraged and enough support and monitoring networks.

The inspection that was carried out to find out the role of technology in quality education indicated that whatever that is given online in terms of quality, the information is appropriate and complete. When it comes to learners, they should be accessed to support materials such as the library, the computer, peer interactions and many more. What should be noted is, whatever that is found online, is just but a portion of the library and computer resources, peer interaction and many more. Evaluation of materials on quality education is very important because this is where you get the right objectives you need.

Something interesting, some materials offered online do not meet the standards and guidelines needed. This leaves concern to the observer about what other thing that can be involved to define the term “Quality”. There are also some contradictions concerning the higher standards for quality in online education. With the outcome of the studies conducted, three dimensions to quality standards emerged, the organizational criteria, technological criteria and ethical quality. This dimension have been embraced by distance education promoters especially the first and second dimension. There mission, vision and achievement have been considered to bear fruits even though they have also been seen to have little materials for the needed quality education.

The third dimension which deals with ethics can be viewed Alfred Borkian in terms of quality education that very soon the speed of interacting will be high with education being individualized, flexibility in terms of natural languages and opportunities for the disadvantaged and many more will be seen.

With these changes in place, Bork believes that, the idea of distance learning is going to create an impact in the traditional way of learning. This can be seen through the changes which have been made before that is during the period of programming in which learning was based in clear objectives, few instructions offered, self-pacing, quick response to you requests that is questions, and immediate feedback to the client or user. Then the idea of simulation approaches come up as a result of a new and creative approach to teaching using the computer in terms of online courses. This simulation approaches was about technological writings, then at the end, Mandated Standards versus Empowerment in Online Education came up of which  its main purpose was to pass material learning through online.

Other concerned parties were the Online Education and Community. This meant that, such kind of education there was radical changes that needed to take place so as to accommodate the traditional methods of a given community or all the individuals. To achieve this and to accommodate for the best results, it is advised to increase their pace through the methods of making people to have some confidence with such case of learning. Cost-Cutting Motives in Online Education was also viewed to cut the cost paid through the traditional ways of learning.

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