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The Rise of Techno Utopia

Advances in science and technology have resulted in the rise of techno utopia in the world. Many advances have been made in science and technology that have influenced either positively or negatively human nature in a big way. There is much that has been written and about this topic with differing views on the subject being raised. This paper explores the way three essays have handled the subject of technology advancement and technological utopia

In the essay the nut by David Sedaris, he charms with his ability to hide the self-depreciating humor by seemingly portraying himself proud of his flaws in the essay. Sedaris openly states his hatred but not necessarily fear for computers because of the way the computers have replaced typewriter machines he really loved using in typing .In the chapter of the nut Sedaris discusses his own battle with technology having lived with a father who worked for IBM. His first encounter with computers is in college in the 1980s. The computers he encountered were the ones that could only do calculations. By the early 1990s, most of Sedaris, friends used these computers but Sedaris never joined them in the technology craze instead preferring to type on his typewriter (Ashton & William, 2011).


Sedaris also explains the difficulties he had with society and his loved typewriter like the airport staff and security staff recommending him to buy a computer and the way he was stopped by the bellhop in a hotel because the neighbors in that hotel got annoyed by the sound of him typing from his typewriter. Sedaris was therefore given the title of a technophobe since he staunchly refused to use email and even a computer. Sedaris observes that computers lengthen commercials because adverts appear on every web page every time one opens a webpage because they do not disappear as in other media. When Sedaris pressed the screen of the computer he says that the screen changed opened with a swarms of flying insects or exotic fish that made him to recoil in terror (Ashton & William, 2011). Sedaris here uses humor to exaggerate the graphics used by computers that made him to loathe them completely.

Sedaris also displays humor by explaining how computers have replaced typewriters that people always regard him in suspicion for carrying his own typewriter. Sedaris explains that when he have to live his house for long times, he must take his computer with him. He explains that in airports he has to endure the ordeal of passing through an x-ray scanner and opening his bag for security staff while those carrying their laptops do not undergo the same process because they hold their computers merrily on their belts (Ashton & Miller, 2011).

Sedaris says that although people hold him in suspicion for carrying a typewriter, to him it seems there is nothing wrong with carrying a typewriter. He reckons that the declining popularity of typewriters has made the act of carrying a typewriter to be held with the same suspicision as a person carrying cannon. He says that while introducing his typewriter to airport authorities , he uses the term that it is a machine that is used to write some angry notes to airport authorities displaying in a humorous way the anger he has over airport authorities suspicion of him carrying a typewriter (Ashton & William,2011).

Finally, Sedaris ends up giving in to the use of computers when his sister showed him a dirty video on the internet and he becomes mesmerized by the computers. Sedaris therefore represents a generation that was forced into using a computer without their will since he believed that the times when people used typewriters; life was simpler (Ashton & William, 2011). Sedaris portrays humor by showing his naivety in adopting the use of computers. When he was mesmerized by the features computer technology, he immediately embraces the idea of the use of computer technology. Sedaris therefore manages to use humor to portray the battle that was going on his mind about the use of new technology.

The use of comedy in the subject of study of computer technology is very appropriate. Comedy plays a very important role in learning. For example, comedy establishes a very warm atmosphere, relieves stress and enhances the process of learning computer technology. The proper use of comedy and analogy appropriate to the topic of computer technology provides many benefits because it provides a better avenue of comprehension allows better retention of the computer materials and creates a very comfortable environment essential for the learning process (Randy, 2007).

Comedy makes learners to relate concepts they do not understand with a familiar concept they easily understand making the concept to appear more recognizable and in a way improving the understanding and retention of concepts. Comedy also breaks the monotony in assimilation of concepts and keeps the learners interested in the topic under analyses making it a way of improving concentration and retention of concepts. Since computers do in a way change the way people think, presenting the concepts of how these computers technology work in an interesting way makes the understanding of their concepts easier (Randy 2007).

For example, sherry Turkle in her essay how computers change the way we think, reckons that computers have profound effects on the habits of the mind (2007). She observes that the use of email computer simulations word processing and virtual communities makes people to absorb more the content of what appears in the computer screens. In the process of assimilating this information, people to learn new ways of thinking, what it means to understand and comprehend the meaning of computer technology .If this content is delivered in an interesting way then the concept of understanding the concepts of computer technology is delivered in a new whole way.

Sherry Turkle (2007) also observes that the advances that have occurred in the information technology sector have also made it possible to have the illusion of companionship without necessarily having demands of friendships e.g. through internet dating. Information technology has also made it possible for people to manipulate text on computer and see how it looks faster than one can think what it means. The computer environment also puts the users of computers in a world based on the constrained choices because of taking things at an interface value. Computers have also changed the way people perceive their privacy because of the threat posed by sharing information online making some people be keen about the nature of private information they might share online. Computers also provide a chance for self-experimentation by teenagers (Turkle, 2007).

There are many ways in which information technology has changed the way people think and these changes coupled with other changes in other areas of technology has led to a belief in techno utopia by many people. Many people now believe that science will offer many avenues in changing the nature of humanity because the actions done through these enhanced technologies will continue to affect future generations in a very big way. The confidence that techno utopians have arises from the advances that have occurred in genetic engineering and information technology that will allow people to manipulate the genetic information of their offspring’s (D’Souza, 2001). As advances in science and technology continue s, their impacts on the humanity will continue to be felt and it is almost impossible to predict the effects these will have on the human population in future .Only time will tell.

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