Online Medical Record

This paper highlights the process of creating and developing an online medical records system that aimed at allowing patients to access their information, and limit the number of eyes that can view their record. The paper takes a case study of D & J Medical Enterprises Inc. which is in the process of establishing such a system which has more diversified programs than in other institutions. D & J Medical Enterprises seeks to offer patient education programs, medical record sharing options, patient privacy, and technical support department to the clients.


Such an effort is aims at maintaining an electronic record of the health care history of the members which is deemed to enable doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and other health care providers to access medical information easily in case of an emergency or a routine doctor’s appointment. Emergency responders will thus be able to make a safe and swift decision for their patients according to their medical requirements. The organization seeks to improve the medical community through technology, and assist patients and physicians with all their medical records needs.

This is entirely an informative system that is thought to benefit both parties involved in the process; the doctor or care practitioner and the patient. D & J Medical Enterprises Inc. embraces technology to address the issue of competition in service delivery from other care providers in the community. The paper therefore highlights on some measures that the institution will take to ensure that it stays ahead of competition. It a process of continuous evaluation which will reinforce positive patterns of the process and dispute the negative ones. This is more so considering the impacts information systems have on the organization. Thus, the focus by the organization is not on the competitors but seeking to provide quality service. The main idea to provide medical professionals with a Decision Support System that will integrate medical information about a specific patient thus increasing the efficiency of physicians.

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