Negative Effects of Technology

One of the characteristics of humans is that they have the ability to understand and evolve in various ways such as cultural and technological. In this evolution, human knowledge and thinking levels are altered. Apart from evolution, humans are characterized by the inability to tolerate emptiness and isolation, which is the reason why “If Mother Nature had been a real parent, she would have been in jail for child abuse and murder”. The same loneliness, when coupled with the fact that things humans encounter must be meaningful leads to the elimination of the emptiness by making some useful things at a particular time. Because of this, humans are likely to evolve in terms of technological development.

The technological evolution that humans undergo is likely to bring both hell and heaven to humans. On the good side of it, technology brings people better lives in the future. However, The hell part of technology side of this development is that humans become useless because of promptly improved technology. In addition, technology causes mortal threat to the entire humanity while other moral and environmental problems are likely to develop from advancing technology. Highly developed technology is also likely to cause mortal threat to human species and also lead to the future of uselessness of mankind. This happens when “people will let machines make more of their decisions for them, simply because machine-made decisions will bring better results than man-made ones”. Elites who possess improved techniques of the advancing machines will have greater authority over the masses; furthermore, the masses will be superfluous since human work is no longer necessary. 


This hell part of technology is clearly brought up in the Hell Story. In this case, technological evolution is explained through the existence of “Diagrammer,” the world’s best super computer. This machine is situated in space and has the ability to observe and analyze every atom on the Earth. It calculates the weather and sends the “weather calendar” of the whole month back to the Earth. It can also perform many other tasks such as calculating of simply everything for the entire humanity, even genic combination.

Because of this computer, scientists fail to see the new possibilities of humans, and are excited and begin to prepare such experiments. They start assembling children, voluntarily and involuntarily from school volunteers and recommended students and by abducting. In the laboratory, there is an environment simulation system which can create any wanted situation. And there is a brain scan learning machine which can either delete or install memories. The scientists send those children into the laboratory, set up needed situation and install wanted memories into their brain, and give them drugs and injections. Chemicals intrude their bodies and cells into genes and re-associate them. Few days later, re-associated genes starts reacting on the children’s bodies. Some of their bodies are deformed; some have mental reactions, they can no longer be recognized as humans. In the worst situation, the children die for the experiments.

The other answers that he does not find any meaning of life since computers are not working and that answered, which is obtained through Google can’t be answered. This image is related to the Hell Story since humans believe that Diagrammer is always absolutely correct that no one is able to find any mistake it makes and this leads to overreliance on it and all future plans are aligned with Diagrammer’s decisions about humans, births and all that. From this, new lives are obtained by sacrificing such amount of people and negative effects surpass the positives of the Diagrammer.

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