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Mobile Technology


Intuit is a mobile technology service that recently began its mobile credit payment system known as GoPayment, which is custom designed specifically for small businesses. Its competitor Square was pioneered by Jack Dorsey, former CEO of Twitter Fame. Both GoPayment and Square have been part of small business growth strategy to convey innovative mobile offerings that assist entrepreneurs administer their small businesses.  They also bestow confidence to users but with special approaches.


Square is a new service that enables small businesses to accept digital transactions and permits them to swipe credit cards by using a smart phone. It works with a small plastic cube that is plugged into the audio jack of the device and an iPad and iPhone that reads credit cards and permit merchants to accept mobile payments at a small fee. Square recent launch of its Android and iPhone applications facilitates the approval of credit card payments directly on a cell phone.  The mobile payment facilitates the expansion and increase of revenue for small businesses by use of smart phones.

Using square involves downloading a free application through an iPhone or Android-Powered smart phone and signing up.  After the application process, the smart phone features can enable merchants and retailers in ultra-small businesses to accept and process credit card payments and thus receive sales that were formerly missed.  This mobile technology permits customers to purchase speedily with self-confidence (Ecommerce 2009b).

GoPayment is a partnership between Mophie and Intuit that facilitates credit card processing on an iPhone. Intuit is among the leading small business payment processors in the U.S. Over the last 10 years, Intuit has assisted small business to receive payments and develop cash flow with a full package of end to end electronic payment solutions. With GoPayment, a credit card can be processed through swiping with the Mophie credit card reader or by using a credit card directly. The Mophie credit card is well-suited with iTouch as well as iPhone models (3G, 3GS and 4) .The credit card readers of Square and Intuit permits small businesses to accept instantaneous payment at any time of service. When utilizing a GoPayment and a credit card reader, a user can swipe and process credit cards in seconds instead of keying card data manually.

This is then followed by a deposit of funds into the user’s bank account usually within two to three business days.  The mobile payment expands sales channels by assisting business owners to sell products and services to customers at any point of location, for instance, in the field. For field service businesses, entrepreneurs can include up to fifty employees on a single GoPayment account which will enable employees’ process credit cards on the same account. By accepting credit card payment instantaneously, a business is able to greatly improve sales; a determining factor for its growth (GoPayment 2011).

The mobile technologies are also effective as they offer new business prospects and low entry level costs compared to other options. Additionally, these new services have encouraged students to take advantage of the huge volume of credit transactions and thus enlarge their own small businesses. The effective mobile payment solutions also assist in increasing the quantity of startup companies. Mobile credit card processing offers growth opportunities especially for small businesses since it is flexible and convenient. Moreover, Intuit and square is customer friendly by providing small businesses with the offer to receive mobile payments without any upfront investment (Behlmann 2011).

Moreover, GoPayment modernized features such as TurboTax, QuickBooks, and customer-requested features are a contributing factor for small businesses growth.  QuickBooks allow business owners’ to keep track of their sales and store payment information. They are effective and save time by decreasing and eliminating manual data entry. Hence, Intuit’s technology will permit small businesses to administer customer information together with their financial data. By utilizing QuickBooks, small businesses will effectively administer customer relationships hence close more deals and save time. Additionally, small businesses are paid speedily and reasonably using their preferred mobile device (Biafore 605).

With a wide number of customers using QuickBooks, small businesses have better prospects for growth. Intuits service is intended for small businesses that incorporate mobile people such as plumbers, gardeners, and street merchants. GoPayment is also reliable for small businesses that do not have adequate transactions for the regular credit card processing fees.  The services offered by Square and GoPayment are also ideal for brick and mortar businesses that basically want to permit their employees to obtain credit card payments while on the store floor (Ecommerce 2009a).

Credit card swipes save time in business transactions as they process transactions faster and safer than checks. Small and large businesses that use these services are able to enhance their status and reputation as well as build goodwill. Mobile credit card processing enables small businesses to capitalize on their benefits, particularly, credibility. Customers tend to build up a preference for such a business as they have a sense of protection when transacting with such a business that acts as a dependable growing concern. The new mobile technology enables businesses to explore opportunities for growth without considerably affecting its operation. For instance, a business entrepreneur is able to conduct various transactions outside the office environment, thus, gain greater business flexibility. Small businesses undergo a risk when they are unable to accept credit payments from potential customers. With the current development in technology many shoppers and customers carry limited cash due to relying on credit card transactions (Behlmann 2011).


Considering the affordability and efficiency of these services, mobile payment systems might just be the future of commerce. Square and GoPayment are the right solutions for creating and enhancing business opportunities for small businesses. Additionally, the launch of these services will undoubtedly enhance the mobile technology industry.

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