Jun 25, 2018 in Technology

Club Information Technology

Information Technology is apprehensive with the use of skills in managing and processing information especially in large organizations.  This field of IT is more concerned with the use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, store, and process, transmit and retrieve information. The management of the club has the mission of developing the club. The club needs to have the modern facilities in order to make it popular. The management of the club has the following information resources (Thoma, 2010).

The intranet resources, an intranet is a private computer network that uses internet protocol technology to secure any part of an organization’s information. The intranet hosts multiple private websites and constitutes an important component and focal point of internal communication and collaboration. Internet technologies are developed to provide modern interface to loyalty information system hosting corporate data. Intranets are normally limited to employees of the company. The management of the club will employ a skilled and qualified person who will manage the intranet. The person will monitor the password of the IT system. He is the person who will have a link of what is going on in the organization. The person will also be in a position to enhance the security of the intranet and make sure that, one uses it within the legal boundaries.

The organization must consider the purpose and goals of having an intranet. The organization should design it website and ensure that the system is fully implemented. The system has the following benefits in an organization. Intranets increases employees’ ability to perform their job faster, more accurately and with confidence. This is because they have the right information. It allows the organization to distribute the information to employees and employees may link to relevant information at their convenience time. In terms of communication it serves as a powerful tool for communication within an organization.  The intranet is economical. The users can view information and data via web browser rather than maintaining documents such as procedural manuals. This potentially saves the business money on painting and duplicating documents (Callaghan, 2002).

The role of information technology department is continuously and has transformed significantly. It enables some business to distinguish themselves from their participants. The IT department work to maximize the productivity of their IT process so that, they can focus their assets on providing their rate to the commercial and respond to today’s world which is rapidly changing business conditions.  The department provides the calculation and communications infrastructure, service support and invention. It is also stimulating with providing the facilities to their tax paying consumers. The IT department is accountable for the technology based system that provides a supporting role in delivering the country based services to its citizen.

The department is in charge of the public networks. For the club organization to handle the information it needs to have, executive information system or CD ROOM record, these will accumulate information that is related with that system. The management also should adopt the principal of information resource management. This will store management’s data. The club managements will be in a position to handle any issue. The two systems will enable the club to store any type of data and deal with them while solving problems.

The Cost leadership strategy, it involves the firm becoming a low cost producer in the industry. This is because the driving force of consumers in a standard market is the price. Therefore, the low priced goods will be highly demanded. The organization must offer discounts of the products and services in order to maximize their sales level. This will increase their market share in the industry. The club information technology will price their products at lower cost. The customer goes for the cheap goods. This practice will enable them to attract customers in their business. The issue of offering discount may also encourage their costumers and also other people. The consumers are not looking for the brand but the price. The cheaper the product the more customers and this enables the organization to win a large market share over it competitors.  If the management of the club will properly plan their goals and implemented them, there is no doubt that, it will be successful and popular (Hope, 2008).

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