Does Cell Phone Cause Radiation or Not?

People usually ask a lot of questions referring harmfulness or usefulness of things around them. For the recent ten years the usage of cell phones significantly increased causing more and more questions concerning the radiation and other possible harm that cell phone might cause. The question of cell phone radiation is under control by the World Health organization and every person can visit a special database that offers an information on all cell phone models and their radiation level. In such a way, every person can check the level of radiation of the phone or choose to buy the safest model. The paper reveals the investigation of the question of cell phones possibility to cause radiation based on the principle of their construction and its possible influence on people.

Mobile phones produce and emit nonsignificant volume of electromagnetic radiation due to their construction peculiarities. They use the airwaves to render the mobile phone signal. Airwave represents a radio frequency energy that is derivative of electromagnetic radiation. The question of mobile phone possibility to emit radiation is actual nowadays as people use mobile phones in their everyday activities, some of them use the phones even at night worrying about the calls and their social network messages. The most dangerous is the moment of speaking vie mobile phone as the proximity of the device to head is significant and during long time conversations people can feel how their mobile device heats up what directly means that the person receives some amount of emanation. However, the experiments that took place investigation this question do not have enough arguments to prove whether this radiation causes significant harm to human health or not and in case of nonsignificant impact what are the exact consequences.


The cell phone and the base station are in a constant radio contact. When the cell phone changes its position together with the moving person, it periodically switches its signal from one base station to another, selecting the station, which emanates the strongest signal. Even when the phone is in call waiting mode, and the conversation does not take place, mobile phone works in pulsed mode generating and emitting the radiation. Scientists have found that mobile communications can cause harmful electromagnetic radiation on human body. Numerous experiments prove the fact that electromagnetic waves stimulate changes in any living organism at the cellular level, causing changes of gene order, contribute to the appearance of diseased cells and disease-causing tumors.

Radio frequency energy generated by the mobile device is absorbed by the brain tissues, the retina, the structures of the optic, vestibular and auditory analyzers and the radiation directly influences the individual organs and structures, and indirectly through the conductor on the nervous system of a person. In the process of active work of mobile phone, the device transmitter changes the human voices and sounds to a sine wave with continuous line. The wave produces continuous variations goes through antenna and distributes all over the clear surroundings and going over various obstacles but losing its power at the same time. However, the person that holds the mobile device during the conversation gets the biggest amount of radiation that mobile phone is able to produce. The frequency of the wave that leaves the antenna is calculated by the number of times the wave changes its direction. The scheme of work starts with the voice, its conversion to the sine wave, after that the coded signal goes to antenna that enhances it and translates further to the base system.

The power of mobile phones transmitters is insignificant and usually equals about 0.75 - 1 watt. Its main task is to enhance and render the mobile phone signal via antenna to the accepting base station. The wave that contains the encoded sound is a radio wave. It is known that any radio wave that antenna transmits makes electromagnetic energy. In fact it is a radiation that appears as a result of high speed of waves’ moving and due to the fact that the waves contain electric and magnetic energies. Many different kinds of electromagnetic radiation have insignificant frequency norms. Others are the most dangerous rays like X-ray and Gamma ones that can cause significant harm to human health. Despite the fact that the radiation levels of mobile device are not very large, the fact that people hold the phone close to their heads cause significant doubts about the safety of this equipment.

Most scientists agree on the fact that due to the specific structure of brain tissue it can be extremely acceptable of radio frequency waves producing by mobile device. Moreover, another scientific idea bases on the question of cumulative effect. They suppose that even if the mobile device do not provoke immediate problems to human health, the radiation that these devices emanate have tendency to cumulate in human body. Scientists’ hypotheses base on the idea that radiation does not leave the body of the person and its amount is growing each time the person uses mobile device. As soon as the radiation reaches its maximum, it can lead to serious and harmful results. However, this idea does not have any strong arguments and experimental proofs.

According to the latest investigations, the scientists have debates on the question which amount of radiation to consider affordable by a mobile device. They use new terminology of SAR that means the specific absorption rates that let them classify the mobile devices based on their level of safety to people. The databases are available online and have the information on the amount of SAR for every specific mobile phone model. The customers can search and choose the safest device for them and their families in order to lower the amount of radiation that their cell phones emit. The Federal Commission of Communications established the testing principles that make the basis for testing the devices by manufacturers. The maximum affordable norm should not be higher than 1.6 W/kg in order to obtain a license to present the cell phone to the public market. However, numerous tests and experiments still do not let the scientists the opportunity to make a conclusion on cell phone safety or harmfulness of radiation emitting by it. Mobile phone is one the most widely used technical device nowadays and the people that use it are the participants of the global experiment that will open the answer to the question of cell phone radiation only within a significant time period.

In conclusion, the studies prove both sides of the question of cell phones’ radiation. Evidently, cell phones cause radio frequency energy and this is proven fact based in the physical principle of cell phones’ work. However, the question of harmfulness of these waves on people does not have direct facts and results. The final answer to this question will be possible to find since the years of experiment of using cell phones and monitoring human health state at that. The most important thing to remember while using a cell phone is that it is not very good to talk vie it during long hours as the radio frequency waves can influence the brain and not in a positive way. Every user of mobile phone has a possibility to choose the mobile phone model and to check the level of radiation of every existing model. The question of cell phone radiation is still under the investigation and within the years, the humanity can possibly get to know the real answer to this question.

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