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Writing experiences

History is one of the best disciplines in the world. It has massive following throughout the world. Why is it so? Is there anything special that makes it favorable compared to other disciplines? Definitely history and historians define humanity through various ways. How would we have known our originality without history? It is through history that people grow, learn from previous lifestyle and appreciate who they are. But one of the many factors which make history to be more significant in life is writing. There are millions of writers around the world who have invested their time and resources in writing historical articles and books. Perhaps the hardest historical question on earth would be discovering when the first historical writing was done. It is obvious and clear that writing has a more than mature background. With its approach of discovering past events, historical writing remains a mega element in life. It is important to note that writing of historical articles and books has not ended. There are very many upcoming writers with unique experiences. What is common among many people is that at least everyone knows a person with writing experience. These people include friends, relatives and other global personalities. This indicates that I have also interacted with people with writing skills and experience. Although there are numerous international writers, I consider my friend John as my best writer. John is not known globally as a writer but his experience writing is amazing.

John was born and raised in a humble family background. As a first born in a family of three, he understood the fact there were more than a million challenges ahead. He was to set the pace for the family, as a role model to his young ones and in the entire family. As a result, John set his priorities very well by identifying his strengths and weaknesses. Like many other successful people in the world, he focused on finding ways of exploiting ways of capitalizing on his strengths and turning every weakness into victory. With the help of his parents, John showed every sign of being an excellent person. This was firmly confirmed immediately after he joined primary school. Many teachers commended young John for his outstanding artistic talents. He liked singing and was always with his young brothers teaching them simple religious songs. He also spent most of his time with friends discussing world musicians and ways of becoming a better musician. It was not long before john gave a huge shock to his age mates, parents and friends. He believed that among several talents which he had, writing was among them. He therefore had the desire of seeing himself on the world map of writers and impacts his friends through writing.

Since John spent his childhood singing and composing songs, he started his writing skills by writing songs and teaching his friends. By the time he was approaching the end of his primary education, he had written several songs some of which appeared in local newspapers. Many people began seeing great potential through his work which drew the attraction of very many people in the community. He got involved in several religious occasions and ceremonies because he specialized in religious songs. His writing was not only a source of motivation to other children in the village but a challenge to his teachers and other people in the world. He became a community icon at a tender age attracting many people including sponsors and donors who were willing to support him in fully realizing his dream. His teachers and parents believed that John’s capability was beyond writing songs and teaching his friends how to sing. He was always likened to historical singers who had influenced the world through their vocal talents. Although many people saw John as a future musician, writing began overtaking him. He developed writing interest that many of his friends and parents could not understand. However, his teachers were quite handy in bringing out the natural writing talent which rested in John.

Childhood events and experiences filled the mind of John as he ventured in writing. He spent most of his time discussing his life with friends. Although his friends did not take such sessions with seriousness, they turned out to be resource centers for John who put every event on paper. As a first born, he also focused on family life and challenges of being a family role model. Although he did not considerable writing experience at the onset of his career, John aimed at discovering what other people had done especially in the world of writers. He collected several biographies including authors and other personalities. This immensely set his writing pace, putting him a t a better competitive position with other upcoming writers. Unlike other young writers, John developed writing skills at a higher rate. This was mainly attributed to the fact that he targeted written works and analyzing other people’s writing skills.

Like many other writers in the world, John believed in growth and the need of systemic learning of necessary ideas. After joining high school, John realized that he had landed in the best environment ever to exploit his talent. After realizing his writing ability in primary school, it was evident to teachers and friends that he was not just a writer but a talented writer. This talent was first discovered by John’s literature and grammar teacher who was impressed by his writing skills. His talent was noticed during story writing competition which was organized during the first week after admission. This exercise was a school routine aimed at identifying writers at an early age. This always gave the school an opportunity to nurture these talents and help students to become better authors. However, the quality of John’s first story amazed every teacher and student in the school. He had outstanding writing skills challenging students in senior classes with competence in writing. Everybody wanted to associate with him in order to improve their writing skills. His simplicity also shocked many people. Despite the fact that he had become a celebrity in the school he was highly disciplined and determined to excelling. This was augmented by his humble background and he believed that the only way of uplifting his family standards was through academic excellence and nurturing of his talent.

After John receiving a writing approval from his teachers and friends, he changed his course by focusing on daily writing practice. Writing topics was never a problem to him. He believed that human life offered more than enough writing topics ranging from personal experiences and the environment among others. Because of his writing ability and passion, the school was very much interested in exploiting writing skills. The introduction of weekly writing competitions was a lifetime boost for John. Although his friends focused at winning the competition, he understood the need of continually improving his writing skills. It turned out that John was good in fiction writing. He developed stories which were interesting to teachers, students and everybody else who interacted with his work. His work hit national and international levels, as he won several competition awards. There was no single student at that time that could beat John in fiction writing. To fully achieve what he believed to be his dream, passion and dream, he aimed at publishing some of his fiction stories in order to capture a wider domain of audience. A part from excelling in class work, he promoted his schools by emerging the best writer for four consecutive years. As he looks back today, John sees his footsteps as the greatest motivator. His writing talent would not have been realized without his personal initiative. From writing and composing of simple songs to become a prominent fiction writer, he is a source of inspiration to upcoming talented people with his greatest experience emanating from class work writing.

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