Workforce Diversity

Changes in workforce will continue to occur due to the high population growth. Work force will continue to diversify because of increased population growth and immigration. The workforce today constitutes of young and older people leaving the middle age. Over the last two decades the work force constituted of age group of 25to 54 years. The work force demographics have also been contributed by the increased interest on education among young people (Thomas, Bliese, & Jex, 2005). This paper will look at how changes in work force diversity have impacted on team interpersonal conflict, perceived favourism and work assignment.

Team interpersonal conflict is regarded as work stressor. Interpersonal conflict involves resentment, violent behavior and heated exchanges. In an organization people area expected to work as a team in order to achieve a common goal. Interpersonal reactions are fundamental in an organization’s activities. Good interpersonal interactions in work place are known to produce positive results. It has been shown that interpersonal conflict in work place hold more power than positive results with regards to their effects on individual well-being. Interpersonal conflict at work place has been associated with decreased job satisfaction, low obligation to the organization and high counterproductive work behavior (Thomas, Bliese, & Jex, 2005). All this leads to low work out put and the overall goal of an organization is not achieved. It leads to low profit.


Today’s workforce demographics have largely contributed to favourism.  People in top management are mostly the ones that are involved and they provide opportunities for favourism. Most organizations now employs relatives, people of their ethnic groups, race, religion, or people they know without considering professionalism (Jehn, 1997).This is due to high population. This leads to low work out put, low quality services and products, and low turn over due to lack of professionals. It also leads to interpersonal conflicts as those employed due to favourism feels more superior to the rest. It is important to be fair when recruiting employees and treat them equally at work place for them to give their best to the organization. The top management should provide equal opportunity to all employees for them to give their talents to the best.

Workforce demographics have led to organizations resulting to employing multiskilled workers in order for them to carry out multiple work assignments. This leads to lack of jobs.  Many companies employ people who have many years of experience in order for them to carry out many work assignments. This has led to employment of young and older professionals who can handle many work assignments leaving out middle aged professionals.

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