Sociological Concept of Deviance

Deviance is violating the normal functioning of the society and its beliefs. Basically the deviance is in the form formal and informal deviance. Formal deviance is a serious violation of the set law; it involves crime against humanity and any other form of basic human rights violation (Margaret L. Andersen, 2010). The forms of violations in the formal deviation can be prosecuted in a court of law. Informal deviation is basically based on the violation of society norms but the violations aren’t in the law. It normally involves irritating behaviors of human beings in relation to each other in private and public. Deviance can cause isolation of an individual from the rest of the population.

Interactionist perspective

Interactionist perspective is also symbolism; it is use of symbol in every aspect of performing a subjective interpretation of a situation. The Interactionist perspective considers a communication involving a symbolism whereby the both of the two parties involved are considered to have the same interpretation of a certain situations (Margaret L. Andersen, 2010). Basically the meaning of a certain symbol is considered not to be upon the interpreter to come up with a personal meaning of the symbol. The symbols used are always universal and considered to be interpreted in the same way as it was meant for by the sender of the information. 


Symbolism is considered to offer a certain symbol that people follow so as to mean a cultural event or function has been accomplished. Therefore it is used to clear the problem people have in associating with each other. It is good in dealing with the informal deviance. However the perspective is not considerate to all the situations involved in everyday human activities of human beings considering that it is specific to some situations but doesn’t consider the a wider  interaction.

Functionalist perspective

The Functionalist perspective considers the interdependence of various events and happenings in the society. Basically an aspect of the society is created so as to construct a forthcoming event. Basically events are in a circle such that one event is depended on the other for success (Ferrante, 2010). Whenever a problem arises, it raised so to change it in the best time possible. Therefore it will be just about corrections so to fit the intended purpose. It is can be changed so as to suit every aspect in the society.  Basically the Functionalist perspective is practically useful whenever there are a group of people who have the same interests in their hearts therefore able to work together. It is also important in a group of people who are interdependent. The perspective is had in a society that is proactive in its functioning. It is used to control a situation that is expected to happen in the future (Ferrante, 2010).

Conflict perspective

The perspective considers the negative and conflicting aspect of the society and then the change that follows the perception of the negative aspect. Basically it capitalizes on the negative so as to change the society through a social revolution. It is commonly important situations such as in the resolving conflict of governance of public institutions especially when individuals personalize the institutions for their own interests (Newman, 2010). The perspective has been efficient resolving the Inequality in the society such as the effect of intrigues such as the effect racism and political sidelines. It doesn’t consider the offering a solution to an expected problem rather it considers the importance of solving a problem through activism. The perspective is so much critical on the society it basically advocates but not harmonizes the society (Newman, 2010). 

Functionalist perspective suits to be considered the best method for solving deviance in the society since it considers a long term effect of situations therefore it can give a permanent solution to a problem faced; For instance a government its citizens whereby the government is dependent on people for it to operate well while the people are dependent on the contribution of the people for the operations (Newman, 2010).

Personal experience

Ascribed status

Basically I was born I society whereby people whereby almost all the neighbors where from a different race. Basically my neighbors were blacks therefore most of my age mates treated me differently from others because of my race. Though I was in the situation, I could be in a position to change the situation so as to fit  the race of my friends therefore I face some difficulty in arriving in the position of influenced my friends to understand my situation as just normal and that I was not in a position to change. Simply went through some rejection before being accepted by my friends as just a friend that they needed in their lives. Though the situation could change, some other friends could understand the situation I was in as normal. I had friend who just brilliant since he did not leave me, even a single day did joined the group that rejected me. Basically I was able to have a friend to rely on when I was in need.     

Achieved status

After my high school studies, I was able to accomplish on of my dream achievements. I was able to qualify and join university to study sociology. My reason for being interested in sociology was to help prevent the situation that I encountered while I was young. Since then, I took a step while in my university study and participated in a social work. Since then, I participated in constructive social therefore lighting up the lives of many young people. some of the best accomplish I was able to achieve was to the way of dealing the issue of racism and other forms of discrimination in the society as well as making people understand the need for killing off the issue of racism. Basically I realized the need to give hope to the children facing rejection in the society not necessary through racism but basically in the children with disability.

Master status

After clearing my studies as a graduate in sociology, I decided to come up with a community foundations that would aid in solving problems in a compromised situations especially involving the children with disabilities and children with mental problems. It wasn’t easy coming up with it since people didn’t know exactly the values of the foundation however it gradually developed into a trusted institution whereby it received funding from several community people and other well wishers. Basically the foundation was able to receive honors as for the contribution of harmonizing the situation of rejection in the society. 

Basically the role of being the founder of the community based foundation has been a challenge basically because it entails high management considerations such as in handling the finance of a non profit marking organisation. My retirement from the post of the chairmanship of the organisation can cause difficulty in adapting the position. Since most of the funding institution may not trust the involvement of other people in the top management of the institution. Therefore it might time for the trust to be put in the institution as it is a community based.  It will take me time trying to gain the confidence from the funding institutions so as to realize a smooth exit from the organisation.

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