Jun 25, 2018 in Sociology

Social Problems

Liberals and Conservatives all get their names due to the values that they stand for; the liberals are about liberty in which a person is allowed to do as he or she pleases. On the other hand the conservatives derive the name due to their quest to maintain and conserve certain values in the society. Due to this the two parties tend to differ in most issues especially those relating to issues of sexuality, abortion and teenage pregnancy.

According to McKinley (2008), the liberals disagree with the conservatives in matters of sexuality, in this they believe that one should have the liberty to choose the person to share intimate affection regardless of gender and on matters of abortion they state that one should be allowed to control one self’s body in reproduction and future. McCormack states that the conservatives on the other hand oppose same sex unions oppose abortion and support abstinence before marriage. Due to this they oppose teenage pregnancy while liberals believe in freedom to give birth at the time one deems appropriate. On the matters of pornography liberals agree on that there is need for consent unlike the total opposition by conservatives. However in this case they both support the age limit for accessibility to such content. Despite all this both groups are opposed to prostitution and hence its illegality up to date.

The reason for one person’s social problem is likely to be another person’s solution can be attributed to various reasons. To begin with in most democracies it normally entails liberals and conservatives in the social scale. In addition to this in every issue there is a protagonist and antagonist hence the practices like for example abortion will be a solution to liberals as they perceive it freedom to choose in reproductively. On the other hand to the conservatives this will be seen as breaking of the traditional morals that are required of a person.

In conclusion the two groups namely conservatives and liberals have a lot of things they do not agree on especially on sexuality like homosexuality and pornography. In addition the issues like abortion and teenage pregnancy also has varying opinion. This is attributed to the liberal view of liberty and conservatives aim to preserve traditional values

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