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Sex addiction


Behavior and personality varies diversely among human beings. The manner in which a person is expected to behave and conduct himself solely depends on how and what the society considers normal. Any deviation from normal standards is considered abnormal. It is from this understanding that psychologists classify various abnormal disorders. In other words, you cannot define and describe an abnormality without having a clear understanding and description of what is normal. Other people have gone ahead to argue any extreme behavior or personality is abnormal leading to the question of whether genius people are normal or abnormal. Although little or no attention in some communities is given to issues relating to sex, ones sex life is quiet significant in shaping character and behavior. There millions of people in the world who have become social misfit as a result of their abnormal sexual behavior. This paper explores sex addiction among human beings, what it is, forms, causes, serious effects and possible ways of helping those affected by this abnormal behavior.

Sex addiction is the can be described as a gradual intimacy disorder among people and is usually characterized by uncontrollable sexual thoughts and actions. Just like many other disorders and addictions, its impact on addicts and members of the family rises as it progresses. As the addiction progresses to higher levels, the addict finds ways of intensifying the behavior in order to derive satisfaction. According to Ewald, sex addiction may affect a person in different ways ranging from exhibitionism to rape. He argues that sex addicts do not necessarily become sex offenders. The notes that out of all convicted sex offenders, only fifty five percent of them are usually sex addicts. However, Ewald affirms that almost 71 percent of child molesters are usually sex offenders who normally severe punishment in order to keep the society safe (Ewald). There are arguments that sex offenders act out of a disturbed mind of wanting power revenge and distorted expression of anger. Powerful sexual drives also motivate sex offenses among many people around the globe.

Forms of sex addiction

When most people hear the word sexual addiction, imagination about prostitution germinates in their minds with an assumption that only those who engage in prostitution are the only victims of sex addiction. However, this is not the case. Although prostitutes are victims of sex addiction, there are other forms of sex addiction which exist in the society. It is so amazing that some of the behaviors perceived as acceptable by some people as good morals only propagate sex addiction and its gradual progress. It is also important to note that although an addict may be addicted to one behavior like prostitution but employs a number of sexual behaviors which are may also be considered as a form of a form of sex addiction. The number of sexual behaviors among addicts usually increases with the level of addiction. In circumstances where victims are thirsty for higher drives and thrills, there is likelihood of the person getting involved in a series of sexual actions and behavior (Laaser 43). Notably, sexual behaviors convert victims into addicts when there is an irresistible desire and passion to repeat some sexual act to gain gratification.

Pornography, strip clubs, and prostitution are considered as major forms of sex addiction with each having the push and pull factors affecting victims. Commonly known as commercial sex workers, prostitutes have continued to raise many issues across the globe on the need of legalizing prostitution. The question which has to be addressed is the benefit of prostitution before arguing on whether people should allowed to practice it or not. Many pro prostitution people argue that it is a source of income for millions of people around the world who have no other source of earning a living. However, the other side of this is that most of the people involved in commercial sex are not poor. Research findings indicate that these victims who sell their bodies are working class with some of them earning more than they can spend and save. It is therefore cleat that poverty is not the only reason that leads people to prostitution. The desire to have sexual gratification from multiple partners is usually the main drive of prostitutes. With most of them not considering the serious effects of prostitution, this behavior continues to threaten morality in the current society (Anderson).

Another form of sex addiction is strip clubbing. This is behavior is silently finding its way in many cities in the United States and across the world. It is common among adults and youth who spent time in clubs viewing half naked or nude people for cash. It is quite embarrassing and beyond comprehension that people leave their houses to spend a night outside away from their spouses watching strippers and dancers. Many strippers in these clubs and bars are usually women who dance erotically for men who spent several hours watching them perform. According to research, strip club visitors look for entertainment and relaxation with friends. It is from such exposures that they become prostitutes and increase their vulnerability to other forms of sex addiction. Strip club has continued to experience exponential growth despite the call for legislation to deal with them. The industry was valued at almost US $ 75 billion in the year 2005 in with over 2,500 clubs operating in the United States (Krista). According to psychiatrists, experience gained from night clubs significantly affects people with these effects mainly being social-related.

Another common but dangerous form of sex addiction is pornography. It is considered as one of the oldest sexual behavior in the human history. With modernization and advancement in technology, pornography is no longer a behavior among adults. Pornography has become a term that nobody can afford to avoid especially when using the internet. Internet pornography has tremendously grown in the recent past with it total revenue out doing a combination of Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon. There alarming pornography statistics with indications that the figures may continue rising. With over $ 3,000 being spent on internet porn per second, 28,258 internet users viewing pornographic material every second and a porn video being produced after every thirty-nine minutes, there is every cause for alarm (Krista). Exposure to pornography has severe effects some of which promote sexual behaviors like rape, masturbation and incest. Other forms of sex addiction include but not limited to masturbation, exhibitionism and voyeurism.

Effects of sex addiction

Sex addiction has been found to have countless side effects on victims with some of these effects having long term impact. One of the main reasons why many people campaign against abortion is the risk involved. Prostitution exposes both parties to contracting venereal diseases like Chlamydia, gonorrhea and AIDS. Of the three, HIV/AIDS is considered most dangerous because the existence of lack of cure for the diseases. Millions of children in the world have been left orphans because of HIV infection that caught up with their parents as they engaged in prostitution. It is also important to note that many countries are spending a lot of their resources in treating and maintaining HIV related patient (Krista). It is further painful to mention that some of these patients are victims of prostitution.

As mentioned before, the different forms of sex which exist closely relate or one leads to the other. For instance, people who attend stripping clubs are likely to develop sex urge which may drive them to committing crimes. According to FBI research, many victims of child abuse have been found to be pornography addicts. Exposure to pornography distorts the mental capability of the victim rendering him uncontrollable. Sex addiction can further lead to mental problems especially stress. These behaviors involve massive isolation thinking which increases the chances of victims suffering from stress and headaches. This is because sex addicts may opt to be alone in as a result of their committed crimes or the ones they may be planning. Psychiatrists further argue that high levels of pornography damages the brain leading to rewiring of the brain (The Negative Effects of Pornography).

Additionally, sex addiction affects the social life of victims. Many people who engage in prostitution or are porn addicts find it hard to fit freely in the society (Carnes and Adams 46). They therefore suffer from low self esteem which progresses to affect their social life. There are high divorce and separation risks in cases where one or both the couples are affected by an abnormal sex behavior. Addicts of sex are also anti-social and may turn out to be sadists who derive pleasure in hurting others. They lose respect for other people even at workplace and may result into sexual harassment. Another important effect is the financial impact which emanates from these behaviors. Commercial sex is never free. Victims heavily pay for these services including stripping performed in strip clubs. Research among married people indelicate that sex addicts may not find satisfaction in their partners due to the presence of a prefixed mind of getting sexual satisfaction.

Although sex addiction has diverse effects, it is important to note that there is always hope for victims. These people can be rehabilitated and reassured to find meaning in life. It is essential that the root cause of the addiction be established as the initial step of helping a sex addict. Some victims need mental checkup and medical attention in the event of abnormal sex hormones and other mental related illnesses which might affect proper mental functioning of the brain. Above all, there is every need of embracing self esteem and worth which originates within an individual.

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