Jun 25, 2018 in Sociology

Is it harder to grow up male or female in America?

At present, the society if facing a lot of dairy challenges, such as finances, retirement, family life, and many more. This can make it difficult to determine who is harder to grow up between male and female in America, but there are various researchers and analysts who have come out with a clear statistics showing that it is easier to grow up men than female (William, 2009). At initial, they argue that female requires extra needs compared to men, such as dairy hair make up, perfumes etc. Every female necessitate maintaining her beauty, and all these needs aren’t free. Parent need to pull up their socks in order to obtain enough money for their daughters needs. Compared to male, a school boy can jump from his bed and go to school without combing his hair or using any perfume, yet he will look as similar to girls.

During the teenage period, there are a lot of changes that occurs in both boys and girls. Most of girls start receiving their monthly period at this age, and as result, it increases parent budget. Also, parents are in a greatest fear of their girls not to mess with boys, and by scrutinizing them, it is wastage of time, as they could have used it in a reproductive ways. In most cases, boys are freely to go anywhere, but girls require permission before leaving the house, and to hit the nail on the head, parents have to follow their girls’ behaviour. In summary, it is harder to grow up female than men; this is because that women’s requires more necessities in order for them to look gorgeous. Also, there are an obligation needs which girls start demanding when reaching teenage, such as bra, sanitary towels, and many more, which men don’t need (Gizzled, 2008). 

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