Interpersonal Conflict in the Movie Crash

Crash is a lesson in seeing social conflicts as externalization of both internal and universal crisis. The main reason behind Anthony’s character is his own self conflict with what is happening around him. The way his race is viewed by others is another cause of interpersonal conflict affecting his character. This changes his self perception making him hesitant to allowing people around him. Ethic identity has become an issue in Anthony’s life making him view people of other races as enemies.  In addition, this makes him more distracted thus unable to find his true identity without being skeptical to other people. Because of problems with ethnic identity, a number of socio-economic factors affect his relationship with other characters in the movie. Anthony has to steal to make a living and at the same time have to take part in what he views as racially-motivated means of transport. This makes Anthony become his own stereotype and the view he has for himself is shared by every one who comes into contact with him.

Anthony’s failure to change his personal perception has made people around him have a negative view of him. Moreover, people like him are equally viewed as Anthony is because of their perception and stereotype. This makes it hard to handle the interpersonal conflict between other characters and him because of an already formed opinion. Anthony is inwardly focused and believes that all other races view him as a misfit. This makes it hard to handle the conflict in the film because of his internal conflict resulting into interpersonal conflict. Anthony holds Rick and Jean at gun point and steals their car without any sense of fear. He is viewed as a sign of danger in the entire movie because of this character. Anthony’s action is as a result of his perception that the mode of transport he could manage is racially motivated.


How the Interpersonal Conflict could have been handled

Anthony’s character as well as other characters in the movie could have solved the conflict amongst them. To be comfortable with those around him, Anthony needed a sense ethnic identity. This could have given him a sense of self worth and belonging. It is impossible to be comfortable with the environment around you if you fail to have a sense of self belonging. This is what affected Anthony and his relationship with the people around him in the entire movie. Anthony needed to understand that nobody thought of him negatively and that he was appreciated. In addition, Anthony needed to be taught on how to communicate effectively with everyone around him. This would have taken away the fear in him thus becoming comfortable with the world around him. Anthony also needed to react with love and self worth with an understanding that we are all different.

Interpersonal conflict would have been avoided in the movie should Anthony been advised to stop concentrating on his race. Anthony forgets about whom he is and what he has become. Instead, he repeatedly refers to what people are saying about him and his skin color and the perception they have about him. Had Anthony known who he is, he would have not missed out a lot in life as he did miss in the entire movie.

In conclusion, the interpersonal conflicts in the movie Crash is aimed to treat ethnic and racial differences as effects a deep rooted alienation in the global division in labor market. Racism is also portrayed in this movie not as a historical phenomenon but as an existing cultural crisis in the world today caused by division within a person. The movie summarizes racism as an existing crisis.

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