Human behavior is a key aspect in the entire life of a person. It is a determining factor with regard to family relations, harmony and overall acceptance. As a result, many societies around the globe have established a threshold of norms and ethics which have to be adhered to and respected throughout ones life. It is believed that most of these norms have significantly augmented cohesive coexistence among people and communities. Based on these standards, it is therefore the responsibility of every person to observe this since defaulters usually find it hard to survive. Many people have been declared social misfits as a result of engaging in unethical behavior. However, some stances have received criticism with some people arguing that every person has the free will to decide what to do and the kind of life they would wish to live. Regardless of all these sexual behavior has drawn the attention of millions of people with controversy taking control of some of the ideas. One of these issues is homosexuality which has become a global discussion topic.


Whether homosexuality is wrong or right, the basic understanding is the fact that there are numerous people in our society being affected by the society. How can these people be helped? What prompted them to become who they are today? How does the society view these people since homosexuality is considered evil and unacceptable among many people? Although the answers to the above question do not matter much, the main fact is the homosexual victims go through a lot of unimaginable experiences. These can well be explained by victims, a group in which I belong. Although it was not my personal choice and desire to become a homosexual, my experience is enough to relay a number of lessons to the world. Being a homosexual is one of the greatest challenges I have ever encountered in life.

It is important to mention that I was not born a homosexual but like any other person. However, there are several underlying factors which pushed and pulled me in becoming a homosexual. My friends and peer pressure played a mega role in making me believe that homosexuality was acceptable in the society. After interacting with my friends, I realized that most of them were homosexuals. Like many other young people who are always curious and ready to explore the world through adventure, I quickly gave in and became the leader of the group charged with the responsibility of the ensuring its growth through luring of other young people. I found comfort in being a homosexual without having any idea of its future implications. Nevertheless, I only enjoyed being a member of this group as long as it was not known to the rest of the community. Life was not easy after being discovered. I was to face the world with its cruelty and mercilessness propagated by human beings.

Notably, no person can feel the pain of being a homosexual until they become victims. I have continued to be face challenges and trauma throughout my life for a decision I made under the influence of friends but which continues to threaten my entire life. One of the challenges I still face is stigma and society rejection. The perception of the world has remained negative towards homosexuals; I am not an exception. Although it has hard to mention, I was disowned by my parents after being discovered that I was a homosexual. I have also continued to lose my friends who currently consider me as an outcast. The truth of the matter is that I have faced total rejection from both my family and the entire world. It is therefore too hard to face the reality and find a way out of this cage which is considered evil.

Based on the risks which we are exposed to and the challenges we face as homosexuals, there is every need for the entire society to join hands in overcoming this social scourge. I do understand the dangers and implications which this behavior has but I find it hard to quit it since it has become a permanents behavior. However, this is mostly attributed to the fact that no person around is willing to share with me and help me in getting out of this behavior. It is therefore my appeal to the world to accept homosexuals in order to help them out of heir state than rejecting them and exposing them to other risky behaviors.

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