Group Report-Making an Evaluation Plan For a Project

Locate and Describe Your Role

TMN is a consultancy firm located in the Changsha city in Hunan. We give evaluation services to organizations in general and companies all over China. We have a network that is extensive that composes of individual evaluators. The evaluators are found in every city in the country. I am the assistant director of TMN consultancy to give our services. I have included an evaluation plan for the project in this document. Micheal Donald is our partner in this project and he came to china especially for it. He is a lecturer at San Diego University and has a twenty-year experience in the field. Amity foundation is the main manager of the harmonious relationship relationships promotion project and contacted us in search of evaluations skills. The amity project is scheduled to start very soon.


Background information

This project involves activities such asleadership training, enrichment of marriage, Amity salons, family camp building, fellowship building and workshop among others to building the capacity of the fellow workers of the family relations ministry in the local churches to provide better service and improve the target couples or families relations. This part mainly has an evaluation. The evaluation of activities done using a logical model that divides it into five parts input, activities, output, outcome, and impact. Other aspects such as dimension are also discussed towards the end of the project.


Implementing, initiating and providing training grounds and environment to church leaders, staffs and volunteers on parenting skills and knowledge. Equipping the named persons with modern parenting skills ensures that parents and community, in general, receive quality information on the same afterward. Organizing and availing workshop facilities on family ministry promotion to the church leaders. The skills learned by the leaders finally reflects the community as the leaders and their congregation's interact. Offering pre-marriage training courses and materials to church staff and leadership society.

Anticipate Deliverables of the Evaluation

We will use some of the data that you have. The data that we may require from you is listed below. Target data; that is the information about the Hunan province Christian community. Information about the resources that you are anticipating to spend and offer for the success of the project and a report describing you the deliverables as you perceive them.

We will provide power power-point presentations summarizing our findings. The power point will be summarizing the deliverables at the start, during and at the end of the project. For backup and fast understanding of the deliverables that we will anticipate. The power point presentation will serve as the executive summary of the report and will be self-supporting in that you will not have to refer to the report to understand it but rather to capture more information.

We will send you a report which we will provide in mp4 format. The report will be detailing illustrated and demonstrated examples of deliverables alternatives, connections, and relationships. It will also show each step of the calculations involved with the deliverable anticipation. The video will not show the person explaining but rather the explanations to eliminate distractions.

We will send you Microsoft Excel files and data of the deliverables suggested and their calculations. The Excel files will show the anticipated deliverable and the formula applied such that you can be able to infer about the indicators mathematically. For deliverable such as the response of the couples before and after the counseling, we will show the algorithms that we used and the conditions for the application. For simple deliverable calculations such as counting the numbers of fatherly and motherly fellowships, we will show the formulae involved and the descriptions.

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Fatherly and motherly fellowships

For this activity, we will analyze what needs to be measured in the fellowship. We will take all the resources that Amity is planning to invest into consideration and the final impact of the fellowship to the community. We will suggest some of the deliverables that we consider healthy for the activity. We also provide a method in which the deliverable will be measured. We will use the above method and provide results. We will indicate the benefits and disadvantages of using the deliverable in the fellowship activities and the alternatives. One of the deliverables that we will detail in the presentation is the number of individuals involved with the fellowships at the beginning. We will approximate this figure depending on the target data from you. We will analyze the approximate figure before the start of the project to come up with the suitable conditions that can increase it. At the end of each activity, fatherly and motherly fellowship, we observe the numbers of people that attended the fellowships. we will calculate the average in respective months and year. we will include the number of groups that are meeting constantly at the end of the project and the number of the problem solved per person.

Pre-marriage training course training and materials

For this activity, we cannot be able to measure the qualities of a marriage. This is because there is no standard for the quality of marriage. However, in our power point presentation that will be summarizing our observations, we will provide a measure based on how the couples that are married and engaged see their relationship before and after they have undergone through the counseling. The attitude of the individual in the relationship is it marriage or the engagement will be the deliverable. We will provide simplified interview questions that will help measure the quality of the counseling as from the couples members that capture how the participants feel or react after the counseling. However, this deliverable wont be easy to work with so we will provide based on the number of couples that will be recorded to complete the counseling.

Workshop on family ministry promotion

We will provide the report of the workshop on family activity and what can be measured. We will provide an evaluation of the working of the workshop and suggest that can be measured. We will detail the number of leaders that will be in the workshop that is not part of the project. Also, detail and take observations of the number of project component that will be are adjusted by this workshop. We will provide alternative deliverables such as the number of the family activities that will be done by the visitors. We will describe the working condition of the alternatives and the special requirements they will require

Dimensions of measures


This is the reduction in drop out and is given by the percentage of change over time. Behavior the behavior of the results may reduce or increase depending on the indicator of the activity and the activity itself. A reduced is bad behavior and increased is a good behavior. Amity foundation should ensure that it has recorded the results. If the difference between the result and the initial indicator is negative, then the behavior is bad and it should be calculated in percentage. On the other hand, if the difference between the result and the initial indicator is positive, then the behavior of the project activity is favorable or desired. Amity should aim to optimize this behavior in the indicators anticipated above.

Altitude or the opinion. It is the percentage of the improvement reported by the beneficiary /or parents. The opinion can be positive or negative. Using the indicators that are discussed above, amity foundation should be able to find a positive opinion from the Hunan Christian Community. The beneficiary of this project is the parents and the general congregation.

Circumstance or status is the percentage employment that results by the improved relationships. The project is anticipated to have a high relationship with the family and marriages (harmonious relations). This, therefore, means that the project circumstances will be high.

Knowledge or skills in the project are the percentage improvement in score after the attending services. It is measured by the change in knowledge before and after the program.

Evaluation Questions

The evaluation team which is we as the consultancy will ask the following questions.

Who is to be involved in evaluation? What is the data that we have for harmonious family relationships promotion project will need? What is the most appropriate model or method of evaluation for the relationships project? What are the indicators for the harmonious family relationship promotion project? What are the minimum number of indicators that amity foundation involves or initiate? How many indicator are needed in one project activity of the Harmonious project? What are the resources that Amity foundation need to accomplish the activities? How many activities have a lasting impact on the Hunan Christian society? What is the output of the activities? Can we measure the output? Is the output related to the final impact? What is the outcome that is given by the output? What is the impact of the outcome of the project impact? What is the impact of the harmonious relationships to the Christian community in Hunan province China?


Stakeholders are people who care about the harmonious family relationship promotion or are taking part in the project. For this project, the stakeholder is the beneficiaries, volunteers, evaluation team, funders, community, supporters, Church leaders, Church staff, volunteers and the Church congregations and people in the community that may benefit from such a project.

Amitys Engagement

Affects success or failure of the project.

Amity maintains their trust and favor.

The foundation engages the stakeholder in its activities and schedules.

Stakeholders are a part of the companys decision-making team.

It ensure that the stakeholders are involved in the running of the foundation

The foundation sells its shares to the stakeholders.

An Ideal engagement makes sure that both side benefit, (stakeholders and the foundation)

Our evaluation team has seven members.

Micheal Donald: He is a lecturer at San Diego University and teaches social Humanities and Social Science. This is his very first experience and project in China. He assists with knowledge outside word social reference. Li Xiu Ying: she is a professor at HKU who holds a doctorate in Management and specializes in project Evaluation. Zhang Xiu Ying: She is a teacher in parenting. She has a twenty years old experience in a local parenting school. Liu Wei: He is a priest in the archdiocese of Changsha. He has dedicated his life to service the Hunan community. Li Qiang: He is a God fearing Psychologist who trained abroad and has a counseling office in Hunan Town. Zhang Lei and Wang Xiu Ying: students in Normal University pursuing Family studies In the department of social science.

Conflict of Interest

Will the Amity Foundation be able to manage its project, Harmonious Families Relationship Promotion, dated from January the 1st 2016 to the last day 2019 given the current social equilibrium in Hunan, China?

Executive summary

The harmonious families relationship promotion is a project that aims to ensure reduced social crimes in Hunan, China. The project also aims to improve the less fortunate among the Christian community in the same province. Amity foundation is the main manager of the project. The project proposal has background information and objective, the anticipation of the deliverables, evaluation dimensions, Evaluation Questions and Stakeholders and the appendix. The anticipation of the indicator was done using statistical methods with the help of Microsoft Excel. Evaluation questions used the project procedure as a reference point.

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