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Feminism is a strong movement, which has found expression in various media and films such as Mulan are not an exception. Mulan film depicts the Chinese heroine who goes to war instead of her ill father. In order for Mulan to be accepted in war, she had to dress up like a boy. This is to help her to join the army as it was against the country rules for such a thing to happen. Mulan defies several other traditions so that she can fight for her country and what she believes in. Later she is able to secure victory to her country, a move that made her be recognized by the emperor even though he was aware of her defiance to the law. Because women are represented as crucial figure in the well-being of a nation in Mulan film, the feminist will appreciate the film.

      The film also shows the unnecessary challenges that women go through. There are traditional norms and beliefs that discriminate women, although they have been proved as myths by the film. According to Mulan film, women were supposed to conform to all norms that were imposed on them regardless of their abilities (Mulan). The norms and beliefs barred these women to unleash their full potential and instilled a notion to them that they are no way better than men. Mulan stands to fight against of all these norms and beliefs. She struggles with the position of woman in feudal china, but she will be appreciated later, when she is honored by the emperor for her success.

      Disney, in accordance to this film, purports that women are not only meant to stay at home (Mulan). Beauvoir claims that the myth that women are meant to stay at home is not appropriated and unreal. This is due to the fact that such myths are meant to oppress women and deny them opportunities as compared to their counterparts. Indeed the prevalence of myths against women has been a cause of double standard in some societies. Most societies believe that woman’s place is at home. While Mulan was planning to assist her country by joining war instead of her father, she faced criticism throughout. Many colleagues thought so just because she was a woman, so she is not supposed to be out on the war but rather she should know her place. Mulan, who is depicted as a feminist, fights against of such beliefs and goes on to join military but disguises herself as a man. She proves that women also can be involved in the war when she is recognized by China’s emperor because of her exemplary contribution in the war.

      In addition, Disney portrays a common intimidating terms used to define women by taking them as sexual objects only. Mulan and her colleagues are described as not flat but as girls who have breasts so men cannot stop gazing and that fact is quite obvious throughout in the film. Beauvoir argues that women are not just a carnal object as the reality of the matter. Many societies regard women as objects to fantasize with carnality. Therefore, according feminist point of view, such descriptions used by Disney seek to intimidate women. Women should be perceived not as sexual objects but as equal partners with men. These descriptions did not prevent Mulan from achieving her goals.

      Beauvoir claims that for one to be a true woman she must accept and recognize herself as equal to a man. She claims that though men are willing to regard a woman as equal, they still want her always to remain being dependent. In Disney film, Mulan, women still face the same challenge. Beauvoir contends that women take the backstage in various roles as compared to men, giving them limited social and economic opportunities.  This illustrates some of the hurdles that women face as they try to champion their rights in the society. Mulan decides to practice with other solders, who think that ladies are inessential on the war.  As to her, she believed she has been capable of handling critical matters such as war better than a man does.

                  In addition, the film proves to be an excellent resource for young people. Mulan film depicts struggles that young women face when left at the mercy of the society. Although many ladies have to put up with the discriminating demands of the society, there are still some who have successfully won feminism battle. Mulan happens to be one of such ladies who despite the harsh traditional norms and beliefs which deliberately discriminated ladies on the base of their gender (Mulan). Therefore, the film will be a perfect platform that one can use to have impact on  young women. The film is likely to stir up the inner potential of these ladies that have been barred by the nature of their growing environment. Similarly, the film will also help such people to stand on their position in the society and fight for what they believe in.

      The film, Mulan, depict a story of young lady who stood against the traditions that would hinder her from achieving her goals. The lady eventually happens to be the master mind of the victory of her country, an action that made her be recognized by the emperor. The film shows several beliefs which sadly discriminate women on the basis of their gender, and thus, locking up their potential. Most importantly, Mulan film shows the capability of women and acts as an encouragement to feminists that they are able to fight against the discriminatory traditions and win. Therefore, the film is a useful resource one can use to teach young ladies and help them to overcome certain issues that may blur their success path.

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