Around the world there are a number of people, nations as well as groups that are opposed to American policies, the United States government and the American people and culture for reasons well known to them thus treating them with hostility. The sentiments held by these people, the attitudes and the general hostility towards America have been labeled Anti-Americanism. These people may feel justified to have that kind of attitude towards the United States; however the natives and the nationals aren’t comfortable with the treatment they are subjected to; being seen as an enemy. As a nation, America has had its fair share of slip ups, just like any other nation thus making her lose the reputation she had globally as a world leader.

I am of the view that those having Anti-American sentiments are only being unfair since the accusations they level against the United States are in most cases not genuine while in other instances are just exaggerated. Some people hate the United States because of their take in most matters whereby they always assume they know best. This view is majorly perceived by Arabian countries. Governments of Arab countries as well as the people in these states have a certain hatred for American policies as well as the American citizens. This attitude is largely assumed to have been as a result of manipulation by certain groups in these societies that have embraced anti-Americanism so as to distract civilians from important issues within those same societies; blaming the United States for their woes.


In these countries where anti-Americanism is supported, the leaders and other people in authority attempt to gain back their lost ground politically through the use of anti-American sentiments. Instead of focusing on the real problems of the day such as failed democracies, inequality, poor governance, poor economies among others, those in authority resort to these sentiments to distract the public and thus make them to instead develop hatred for the United States. This, coupled with America’s previous policies in those areas makes the people there to develop hostility towards America. In the annexation of Kuwait, America did not benefit from the whole process but the public was made to perceive her as an enemy.

It should be noted that if at all there’s a nation out there which decides to do something with the belief that she is doing it for the common good of the whole world that should be the United States. She does not do things because she thinks she is powerful, big or even strong, or rather the target country is small or weaker than her. It is this kind of idealism that is perceived in the wrong sense by certain nations. For example, America’s invasion of Iraq is perceived by critics as unjust and a cruel invasion of a sovereign nation inviting hatred from Arab and Islamic regimes. However, the reality on the ground was that Iraq as a country was under a very repressive regime under the leadership of Saddam Hussein. All the United States wanted to accomplish was unseating the cruel Saddam Hussein and ensure there’s democracy for the civilians with the hope of promoting peace in the region.

According to Gross research has shown that there are very few people around the world who hold anti-American sentiments than what is imagined. What’s more, in cases where this hostility exists, the hatred for the United States only comes in as far as the war on terror is concerned.  As far as governance, development and advances in science and technology are concerned, people love to identify and associate with the United States. Another striking fact concerning anti-Americanism is that it entails more distrust than general bias. People are willing to accept America’s point of view but have skepticisms about her intentions. Trust is a thing that can be built over time and people need not to subject the American people to lots of hostility and hatred. They mean no harm to any group of people in the world, but only intend to make the world a better place for everyone. The citizens of the United States are subjected to lots of hatred for being American to an extent that they feel it to be some form of racism.  As obvious and negative as the effects of racism are, no one would want to fall victim to it. The same way, the inhuman treatment of American citizens as a result of anti-Americanism is not tolerable by those who fall victim to it.

Through the United States’ action as regards the cease fire in the Arab-Israeli War Egypt was rescued. The US as well protected Bosnia and Kosovo civilians who were Muslims but despite all this she is blamed for all the woes those people suffered and her humanitarian works are viewed to be some form of imperialistic treatment. Arabic countries view Israel to be an evil power wishing to control the whole of the Middle East and thus subdue all Muslims. By the United States’ action to back Israel it was perceived that the two countries were forming an evil union to control the region. The Arab countries had planned to remove Israel from the map and the US was seen to interfere with this plan. The Arab world thus responded by aligning herself with the Soviet Union and thus the distrust. Any time diplomatic pursuit of harmony appears to take shape the radicals in the Middle East bring impediments just to make the United States fail in her pursuit by increasing acts of terrorism. It is no wonder that the September 11 attacks in the US took place the same time when a peaceful resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict was being sought. At this moment, the anti-American sentiments increased, especially in the Middle East. What should be taken into account is that the United Sates will stand steadfast in its objective of making the world a better place for every other individual in ways she considers fair for the benefit of the world. She would also intensify her bravery and steadfastness in support of her allies and her interests. Anti-Americanism won’t intimidate the great nation from doing what it deems right. I wish to persuade all those people having a negative attitude towards the United States to reconsider their stance as we are a friendly nation willing to accommodate all views and opinions. Anti-Americanism is not the best way to treat a friendly nation like the United States.

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