Jun 25, 2018 in Sociology

Adolescent Sexuality

Growth and development is a very fundamental process which takes place in the life of human beings. It leads to transformation of character and personality of individuals on a daily basis. It never clicks in the mind of many people but the truth is that natural processes which allow our bodies to change are very important, they lead to maturity. Is there any difference between adults and young people apart from the existence of age differences? The answer is obviously yes. These two groups of people have unique characteristics based on their personality, behavior and the general view of life. It is however important to note that no one can become old without going through the youth stage. Youth is therefore a very sensitive stage in the life a person. It is a time when many young people engage in an experimental kind of life characterized by high level of risks, ignorance and curiosity among other issues. Although there are various youth stages known to people, adolescence stage is of special consideration. Many people either make or disintegrate their lives during this stage.  

As a development stage, adolescence is very influential in ones lifetime. Despite the fact that there are various changes which take place in the life of an adolescent, sexuality remains the most outstanding sector. Many young people have always found themselves in dilemma over various issues and questions regarding their sexual life. Given that many people find themselves in opposite sex relationship during adolescence, it is not possible to discuss sexual behavior among young people without mentioning sex. Although it is hard to openly share about sex, it is as helpful as discussing nutrition. Disaster has befallen the current generation for not approaching the issue of sex with the authority and emphasis it requires.

The question of whether young people should engage in premarital sex usually draws the attention of adolescents. Inspite of every person being a product of a sexual act, it is important to realize that untimely sexual behavior is dangerous and goes against moral and religious teachings. Many youths support the issue of premarital sex on the basis that it strengthens a relationship. This is an outdated notion which lacks any foundation and argumentative stand. Since relationships are supposed to lead to marriage, sex cannot at any given moment be considered as a prerequisite action which every young person has to undertake. There are uncountable marriages and relationships in the world which have worked to the end without premarital sex. Feeling like a hero as a result of indulging in premarital sex is a clear sign of lack of knowledge among adolescents.

Both boys and girls have equal responsibilities of keeping their relationships clean by abstaining from premarital sex. Sex alone cannot tell that a lady is fully committed to a particular relationship, a feeling which affects many girls today. A man who bases sex as a relationship commitment is destined for a regrettable future. A good and sustainable relationship sees beyond sex. How many people have had sex before marriage and parted ways before they are declared wife and husband? Understanding that ones destiny can easily be achieved together with a happy marriage minus premarital sex is a workable principle that needs to be embraced by every young person. This can only be realized by clearly comprehending the difference between love and lust. Many adolescents have been driven by lust making them feel rejected whenever sexual favors from their girlfriends are not met. As a young person, it is important to visualize the fact that life is a package that is not defined by our leaders or friends but ourselves. Having a positive personal self image is therefore essential in guarding young people against sex before marriage.

The secret of failure is struggling to please everybody. It is of great need for adolescents to understand the fact that every person has a unique and successful future which is only shaped during the youth stage. It is painful when young people confess having premarital sex for the purpose of pleasing friends. Although there are good friends, condoning mischievous behavior like premarital sex is not worth enough to be the binding blocks of a relationship. Additionally, having sex to conform to the character of your friends is a clear indication of a life without direction. As good friends, adolescents should be in a position to correct their friends and lead them by upholding morality. How can a blind person lead others? It is better to end a friendship than maintaining friends who value immorality, for bad company erodes good morals. Based on this, peer pressure should not affect adolescents’ behavior. In fact, premarital sex has never been considered in human history as a measure of maturity. There are other factors that can be used to determine an individual’s maturity level without necessarily encouraging bad behavior like premarital sex. You would be considered immature among immoral people conforming to what they believe is right.

Although, the prevalent of premarital is high in the world, it is important for young people to understand that condemning this act is not a violation of any of their rights. Many adolescents have come to conclude that parents deny them an opportunity to experiment their youth stage by discouraging them from premarital sex. There are numerous side effects of premarital sex some of which are fatal whereas others have long lasting effects. Self respect is the first aspect of a human being that gets eroded when one is involved in premarital sex. It could be a short pleasurable moment but gets accommodation in the mind of victims. Self respect makes you understand your self-worth and value on a daily basis. Indulging in premarital sex leads to deformation of self image and internal haunt by guilt Knox and Schacht (2009). Many marriages have ended in divorce and separation resulting from long time premarital sex memories.

Is there any relationship between premarital sex and HIV/AIDS? Although it may not be clear to many young people, sex before marriage exposes victims to high risks of contracting this killer disease together with other sexually transmitted diseases. Out of ignorance, adolescents assume that HIV only attacks adults who get involved in unprotected sexual. Many youths have lost their lives just like adults because of HIV/AIDS and STDs with the trend of infection being on the increase among young people. Related to disease infections as a result of premarital sex are reproduction complications. Premarital sex exposes girls to the risk of being infected with cervical and breast cancer which continue to kill women all over the world.

Another effect of premarital sex is unwanted pregnancies. Cases of children being born out of wedlock are very common in the society, not only in Africa but in most parts of the world. Unwanted pregnancies have a number of disadvantages some of which are quite fatal. Young girls have lost their lives in maternity wards and hospitals due to pregnancy complications. This is caused by immature and undeveloped female reproductive systems which are usually exposed to injuries and surgeries. Life is also lost through abortion which many affected girls resort to as the only way of salvaging their lost reputation. Apart from this risk, many girls find themselves as school dropouts. This causes a lot of pain to the victim’s family and deforms the image of the affected. When a young person drops out of school, what follows is a miserable life full of regrets and painful memories. It could also be the end of a lifetime career caused by discontinued studies.

Premarital sex is indeed risky and unacceptable behavior that should be discouraged at all costs. However, parents should play a mega role in molding sexual behavior of their sons and daughters. This can only be achieved through open sharing and timely counseling. Parents should condemn sexual behaviors which are likely to endanger young people as soon as they are sported. Sex education is also of paramount importance at school and at home Knox and Schacht (2009). Religious teachings should on the other hand be emphasized to warn and instill morality among adolescents who only focus on pleasure other than lifetime tremendous effects of premarital sex. This enables young people to fully understand themselves in relation to sexual changes and relationships. The use contraceptives should also not be considered as permission to engage in premarital sex. Whether it is safe or unsafe, premarital sex is unacceptable.

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