A Global Perspective on the Past.


The American capitalism is marked by the freedom of trade where individuals could build commercial enterprises and assets. The Americans have a choice of the nature of work to engage in as they have full control of the production process. This can be contrasted to the Soviet Union communism where the production and distribution was in the hands of community and the regulation of the state. The people in the Soviet Union thus work did not out of necessity but out responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient production for the rest of the community. The period between 1920 and 1950 marked a significant period for work and family setting. It is marked as a period of increased education amongst the people and the resultant end of the female suffering. For the Soviet Union, it was a period of rapid industrialisation that led to increased employment of its people. It was a period of liberalization and as a result, more of the country’s citizens enjoyed equity in acquiring education and the administration of the civil rights.


Question 2

The American decision to drop the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs was largely to end the long war that threatened to kill more of the American soldiers. It was thus a form of intimidation to the Japan administration. The result was the immediate surrender of the Japanese and subsequent end of the war. The long term effect of the bombing is the increased number of medical conditions of the people that result from exposure to atomic radiation.

Question 3

The great depression led to the increase in unemployment levels due to the decline of production levels. The industrialized nations experienced a period of extensive loss of employment and bankruptcy. The primary producing nations also suffered increased job losses and decrease in production and revenue. The depression led to the decline of world trade and the political strife between countries.

Question 4

The Vietnam War could be referred to as a cold war of engagement between the sovereign states and the European countries. The war could be viewed as a cold war. It signified the French failure to dominate the Indochina’s states as it concentrated most of its efforts in acquiring colonial domination of the world. It was an American endeavour to frustrate the Vietnamese though the country ended up attracting worldwide opposition even from its citizens.

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