Evaluating Educational Inequality Along Racial Lines


HIV/AIDS and the Modern Society

Deviance refers to behavior which disrupts social norms and involves disapproval from the society. It can be categorized into non-criminal and criminal acts. Criminal acts refer to a direct violation of laws and have penalties when violated while non-criminal acts are the violation of societal norms and have no penalties. Read more >>

How Easy Is It To Enfold Tribes Into Nation?

Tribes are the primitive unification of people living due to certain rules, peculiar to each separate tribe. The tribe usually has its leader who is responsible for the problem solution and leading the unification of tribe members. The good example is tribes of the Middle East located in the deserts of separate communities counting from tens to thousands of its citizens. Read more >>

Effects of PTSD on Service Members

PTSD is a disorder that arises when someone has been exposed to a dreadful event. For instance, during the war, service members undergo many traumatic events such as watching others get hurt or killed, killing or even hurting others, getting severe physical injuries, and even suffering from traumatic brain injury. Read more >>

Mcdonaldization Theory

McDonaldization is the term that was coined by George Ritzer to label a sociological incident that is currently happening in our society. The concept essentially denotes to the specific kind of rationalization of production, work, and consumption that became popular during the early 20th Century. In actuality, the world is becoming McDonalized. Read more >>