Employment and Gender

Over the years, the controversy surrounding employment and gender has been ongoing, where some companies turn down women or men who come seeking to fill vacancies by their gender. An important issue about this discussion is that women... Read more >>

The Comparison of Women Social Status and Family Rights

The research paper investigates the history of the development of women’s rights in the society and in the family institution starting from the 1850 and up to the current times. It has stated the differences occurred in the development of women’s social... Read more >>

Racial Discrimination in the Workforce

Social problems are hitches or issues that may affect people either directly or indirectly. Social problems are largely related to moral values. Read more >>

Equal pay for equal work

Why do people on the same job grade get different levels of pay when the law says they should be paid the same? Equal pay entitles people doing work of equal... Read more >>

Group Report-Making an Evaluation Plan For a Project

Evaluation plan for the Harmonious Families Project.

The Deadly Life of Logistics Book Review

According to Beverly Silver, the social order in the 21st century will still rely on the working class for it to shape up. Read more >>