Agoraphobia and Social Phobia

It is common for many people to feel uncomfortable in particular social situations. Although these feelings can be attributed to shyness and social inhibition, it is hard to set the boundaries between the lack of confidence and social impairment. Depending on the character of symptoms, the repeated attacks of panic and a constant fear of social interaction... Read more >>

Current Event Analysis

Unfortunately, social problems tend to increase rapidly in the modern world. Social issues affect people in the community, as well as violate moral values. Among major social problems, which take place in the today's world, racial intolerance remains a crucial topic to discuss. Read more >>

Mcdonaldization Theory

McDonaldization is the term that was coined by George Ritzer to label a sociological incident that is currently happening in our society. The concept essentially denotes to the specific kind of rationalization of production, work, and consumption that became popular during the early 20th Century. In actuality, the world is becoming McDonalized. Read more >>