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The Universe

The universe is described as the computation of anything that has life and exists be it in physical form or in energy like the planets and the stars. The universe is said to have been formed 13.7 billion years ago. Around this year, a big bang was experienced and evolutions from a quoke soup to a complex system of galaxies, stars and planets and life were experienced hence forming the universe (Turner, 2009). According to the myth of the beginning of time, this could have been as a result of great collisions between moving plates.

Many explorers have gone into research to identify how vast the universe is, but up to date no one has come up with an idea of how vast the universe is (Nasa Information, 2009). We are the universe and everywhere mankind is, is within the universe. Although we believe that we can only survive in planet earth, scientists believe that we can survive in other planets as long as there is support of life.


The astronomers may tell how old the universe is by looking at the evidence which is there and available. For instance to know the age of the solar system the evidence would be the radioactive decay of certain isotopes in rocks and meteorites which were created within the solar system. In the 60s the scientists found remnants of the famous bang that caused the formation of the universe and from this estimated that the universe was formed 10-20 billion years ago.

According to Kornreich (1999) the astronomers try to estimate how big the universe is by checking at how far a star is from the other or by checking how far one planet is from the other. In the third century Aristarenus of Samos looked at how far the moon was by looking at the shadow of the Earth on the moon during a lunar eclipse.

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