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Science Meets Real Life

Science is the systematic attempt to discover and expose nature’s patterns. There are several life situations in which science is widely applied to solve everyday issues, problems and different complications be it medical or just carrying out any activity. In the present-day society, science has been used to make things simpler and easier to do; thus help reduce time wastage while solving complicated problems and issues.

There are many scenarios where scientific methods have been used to solve and simplify matters for instance in the field of medicine where it has been widely used. Scientific methods have been used to develop drugs, and as time goes by improvements made to counter attack different diseases efficiently, which were difficult to cure in the past. Scientific methods have also been used to improve life, making things simpler to carry out and this is as a result of improved technology which has been facilitated by science. Introduction of computers and the study of computer science has helped people study computers and their operations hence making work easier and solving a problem just by a click of a button.


Science has improved travelling which was a stressful activity in the past where people had to travel in slow-moving vehicles that were poorly ventilated or air conditioned hence there were instances where disease could be easily spread as a result for example, common colds. Computer science has helped developed software’s that automatically control the air making the interior of the vehicles more friendly health wise. The speed has also been greatly improved for instance by introducing air planes which are known to be the safest and fastest means of transport. This has greatly helped save a lot of time and money and carrying out activities that are distantly apart.Thanks to science and technology, travelling is much more comfortable.

There is also a major problem that affects people and mainly in African countries. This is drought famine and hunger as a result of poor climatic conditions. Many African countries have fluctuating weather conditions which affect crop production, crops fail and hence resulting to famine and hunger. This results to loss of livestock and food hence malnutrition as a result of not having to eat a balance diet, diseases as a result of poor eating habits and depleted food reserves result to death. Scientific methods have come in handy in solving such problems. Biological science, mainly in the field of genetic engineering has been used to produce genetically modified organisms and crops. A certain gene is introduced in the crops, mainly in maize which result to development of crops that are drought and pest resistant hence can be grown any time of the year hence availability of food throughout the year. However, this method has been known to have negative side effect. This is seen whereby the human- reproductive system is affected which affect the future generations hence cannot be fully depended on though it has helped solve the hunger and drought problem.

Lack of food and land reclamation has also been solved in arid and semi arid areas. This is by application of scientific methods in science and technology. Physics as a science has played a major role in this. Agriculture has been made easy to practice, as a result and problems such as lack of irrigating water have been solved. This is seen whereby machines developed as a result of physics are used to drill bore holes and hence easy access of water from the water table. The water is then used in carrying out many agricultural activities such as irrigation and drinking to the livestock and this ensures food is available throughout the year. An example of a country that is a desert and science and its methods has helped develop agriculture is Egypt whereby agriculture is one of the main income earner.

Agriculture has also utilized science and its methods to its advantage in solving problems in food production by intense research carried out by research institutions which research in pest and disease control. Drugs have been developed as a result, in biological labs that easily control pests and diseases and this has been of great benefit to agriculture.

Business management and control of company operations is another field where science and technology has helped ease work which was complicated to manage. Computer science has had a pretty great impact in business management. Improved technology is important in big businesses a company management. This is mainly seen in keeping records and easy access. Business computing where computing where computer software has been used to make operations easy for instance managing finances and easy access of every of every company employee with each of their records by just a click of a button thus reducing time wastage in looking for files in the shelves with such information. In research institutions, computer science has really made work easier in manipulating molecular data and getting results immediately whereby if it were not for the computer science it would take days and a lot of man power to get results. Science has also been utilized in the medicinal fields to solve medical complications and ailments compared to the past where ailments were treated using herbs which were not 100% the solution and furthermore not all ailments could be treated for instance a disease that required surgery.

Surgery has been one of the medical breakthroughs that have helped many ailments such as heart diseases or generally problems with intended body organs. In surgery, computer, and different software are used to operate the machines used and this is as a result of computer science and applications of physicians developing medicines.

There are many diseases that science has helped treat for instance cancer. This is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. This is a serious condition that if not treated leads to death. Diagnosis and treatment is a very complicated process, but with the help of science in the present world it can easily be diagnosed and treated for instance radiotherapy which uses machines that use computer software. These are also changes that have been developed scientifically to treat cancer also surgery

These are also diseases that today can be easily treated using drug developed as a result of intensive research  in medical labs where biology as a science is fully applied  and medical breakthroughs achieved  and in the coming future molecular biology  will be future of human medicine environmental management, crop production which will make life much easier. Another critical point where science has been used is in the exploration of the universe It has made the things such as rocks and other geographical and climatically issues and hence solving problems involved and knowing the reasons behind catastrophes such as cyclones and the possible solutions   

Science and scientific methods have also helped solve everyday problems in instances such as food and nutrition. In this field, food science and technology is used in food manufacturing preservation and boosting its nutritional value in accordance with the health requirement. Food is preserved using various scientific methods such as refrigerating which utilizes computer-based systems Tthis leads to tremendous reduction in food spoilage at the same time contributing to successful transport, both long and short distances for perishable foods. Fruits and vegetables can be exported to far away countries easily without worry of decay hence promoting import and export business industry. Food nutrition is very important for the health of a person and due to high demand and less availability there are nutrients that have been developed scientifically such as vitamins which help in the proper development of the body and its defense system. All this have been made possible with science.

Food science and technology has resulted in the development of other food preservation methods such as sucking of fish using honey which drains water that promotes spoilage and even the use of salt to preserve food. These methods were scientifically discovered to contribute to food preservation. In addition, science has been of much help worldwide in fighting crime and crime investigation. Scientific methods in forensic science have been used to simplify and solve different crimes that could not be solved in the past. Genetic engineering has been significantly used in this field involves gene mapping technologies to identify a person. In the field of medicine genetic engineering has also come in handy and has been used to solve genetic defects of people. This has also been used in animal breeding whereby appropriate  traits that are beneficial can be identified and used to breed animals. This has helped reduce breeding of animal with undesirable traits.

To conclude it is evident that science and scientific methods is very important and mainly with the current world situation without science many things cannot be done with ease. As seen, science plays a major role in the field of medicine both humans and animal medicine drug development and treatment of diseases. It is also evident that it is of much importance in agriculture which is the backbone of many countries.

Computer science and technology is also important and with the current trends, more and development in technology is important in order to handle upcoming complicated matters. Without science, the world would be a horrible place to be and thus many people should be encouraged to pursue this field and have resources and funds provided to fund different research activities for more success and more breakthroughs.

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