Jun 25, 2018 in Science

Modern Archeology

The modern archeology is a topic discussed in several annual editions papers with some topics being emphasized more than the others. Some authors have discussed about several themes like cannibalism, genetic factors and the usage of languages among others. This is the report of Annual editions: Western civilization book by Lembright. Another book titled Introduction to modern archeology by Woodall also contributes to this report.

The number of bones that were revealed from the ancestral sites was too many believed to belong to approximately 35 people (Lembright 56). Through thorough investigations of these sites, there was physical evidence of breaking and chopping of human flesh. To some extent, cooking of human flesh was also seen in some of those sites. Some of the sites that were dug as well showed some violent attacks that act as enough proof of how human attacked others in the process of cannibalism. Evidence that showed cannibalism was the presence of fecal matters that when it was done the DNA testing, the results were positive for human beings matters. For the last few years, most of people have been objecting the idea of cannibalism, but this was a clear evidence of that act taking place in several sites.

In modern archeology, the authors have also discussed the three major sources of evidence of tracking the dispersal of agriculture. Such ways include the genetics, archeological records, and the use of languages. There are several archeological records from various authors that states clearly the risks of trying to discuss the development of agriculture, as some features are observed at some primary levels but at the secondary levels they become invisible. The human and plant genetic constituents are discussed and used by authors to show and explain the spread of population (Woodall 33). Through the use f genetics, the evolution of human kind from the ancient days to the modern days is well portrayed. Moreover, through comparing the languages defines further the major origin of them. Through the languages the authors were able to define and discover that languages are divergence and can be traced back up to 10000 years.

In conclusion, although many readers have opposed the idea of cannibalism during the ancestral period, several evidences outlined in articles and essays proof that it existed during that period. The uses of genetics, linguistics, and archeological records, have helped much in achieving the progress of development of both the human and the plants.

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