Jun 25, 2018 in Science


The environmental condition in the world that we live in today is constantly changing and this has resulted to the lives of the human beings living in it to transform in order to adapt to these changes in the environment. The constant environmental consequently results to natural selection; this is where the alleles of the individuals living in the area transform its properties and in this helps the individual to develop resistance to the changes in the living conditions of the place the individual is living in. This will to some point ensure that the alleles that play the most significant in determining the individuals adaptation to the current environmental conditions. The changes in the genetic structure of the individuals’ genes will make it difficult for a disease that used to affect the people living in a region to thrive and affect them. This will eventually make it difficult for the disease to attack the people as a result of the bodies of the people living in the region to develop resistance to the disease.

Human beings alleles tend to change and adapt to a new form of gene, this is as a result mutation that will transform, the structure of the gene and thus eventually make the outside (Physical) appearance of an individual to assume a different shape. These mutations on the genes might be as a result of environmental changes, biological mistakes in the process of DNA cell division, viruses, radiation, scientific/medical conditions as a result of inhaling of poisonous gases.

There are many changes in the human alleles as a result of mutation that assume different forms that are categorized as Darwinian and Gradual evolution, according to this case I consider this form of evolution as Gradual evolution. I consider this type of evolution as gradual. This is because the process of evolution took some period of time in order to reach the present stage where the genes that were prone to be affected with these diseases were replaces with other genes that were highly resistant to the native diseases such as malaria.

The most effective way that can be used in order to reduce the cases of Malaria   transition in the population is when the scientists will ensure that they produce a generating of disease-resistant mosquitoes. This type of mosquito will be used to eliminate the natural type of mosquito that is well known for its spread of malaria amongst the people.  There is a lot of scientific research that is going on in the medical laboratories that are analyzing the genetic composition of the Anopheles gambiae the incest that is responsible for carrying the parasite that causes malaria and there are researches that are almost yielding positive results that the generic mosquito will soon replace the natural mosquitoes.

In the case individuals with heterozygote genes it would be easy to curb the cases of malaria infection on them this is by the research that is being conducted ensuring that the people that are possessing this type of gene are administer some form of drugs that will tend to help them cope with the parasite that causes malaria.

The  administration of the Pyruvate kinase (PK)to an individual  will ensure that the cases of  malaria  infection  are  in the  low this is  as a result  of the individual  developing  some  type of  resistance that will keep him free from  any  malarial  attacks. but  it’s implementation to  the population will ensure  that the individuals  are completely protected against any form of attacks of malaria in the future and the drug will provide the body with effective  protection that is resistant to the parasites that cause malaria. This will definitely reduce the population of the malaria parasites as the population will have developed resistance to it.    

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