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The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission


The cultural mission of Saudi Arabia is an agency assisting the administration of policies and programs. They enable the students learning in the United States to meet their needs pertaining to culture and education. This cultural mission also mediates between educational institutional within the United States and other, different branches based in the Saudi Arabia dealing with science, education and culture. It normally gives reports on the student affairs, finance, and administration of the students to the ministry of high education. They also disseminate information relating to the Saudi Arabia culture, tradition, and heritage through actively participating in the academic, social, and cultural activities.

It also assists in the processing and payment of fees for students to the educational institutions where the students take their studies. Apparently, there are some problems rising from time to time when late payments are made to the institutions as the students are in their learning progress. This happening has inconvenience students who have to pay for their tuition fees or drop out for the learning institutions.

At the time, there is also clashing of the cultural and religious believes, creation of conflicts based on ethnicity, and all this the students have to encounter and make decisions on a daily basis. The cultural mission is trying to assist in leveling the ground or smoothen the life of students while studying but they are unable because of some problems arising.

The Purpose of the Study

The intent of the proposed study is to identify the problem in depth on why the students of University Colorado Denver do not receive quality services from cultural mission of Saudi Arabia. This problem is felt more on the inability of the students to pay their tuition fee on time and lack of registration. The other reason is to find out why there is only one advisor operating within the universities yet the ratio of students to the advisor is an issue, which is so demanding to be explained.

Statement of the problem

On the recent past, there have been some problems on efficiency of the work delivered by the advisor. This relates to the issue that there is only one advisor managing the entire Saudi student’s population. Despite of this, the only advisor has some limitations this includes:

Accessibility of the advisor, the entire student body, never assesses the advisor so to say because the advisor’s location is in Washington. However, students try to locate the advisor through the phone or email but, she has developed a phobia of responding to them either because she has a lot of work to work on or assuming. Her attitude is also questionable in that she does not listen, she even lacks the patient of listening, has no compassion and she acts rudely and indifferent to the students. A victim of this reported by my roommate recently, where in trying to reach the advisor for almost a month in payment of his tuition fee, he eventual had to return home only to receive a word of sorry from the advisor as she was on vocation.

Because of inefficient communication, it has forced them to spend more time on wanting to know the reason of her reactions rather than focusing on the on the affairs of students. There has been no progress in the school account, as the students are not paying their tuition fees on time. Inability to register them, lack of progress in the enrollment of the preferred classes, results to the worse of all students returning to Saudi Arabia because of the violation of immigration status.


On this research proposal, I want to review the cultural mission of Saudi Arabia inability to deliver their responsibilities. The various strategies that need to be implemented in the various departments of universities to help in facilitating fast and efficient services to the registration and admission of the students in the universities. One of the first and immediate steps to be taken by the student is to organize for a Petition of Saudi students on UCD campus.

The main agenda for the petition will be to sign in support in the demand of cultural mission of Saudi Arabia to review, restructure, and implement, a new, improved support system of the advisory role. To make this petition more successful, the students have to reach out for support from other universities. Considering that, only one advisor serves all the universities then it shows that the other universities are not getting efficient services to the admission and registration of students.

The second goal of my research is to revisit the functions of cultural mission of Saudi Arabia in the entire campuses especially on the issue of student affairs. Why there is only one advisor amongst a large population of students. Maybe they have forgotten their work in the various departments. This is will be so critical and shocking if their original importance to the departments is getting out of date with time. The terms and conditions of the staff when delivering their services to the students, is also wanting.

The third thing I will review on, are the measures to be taken on the advisor because of the loss of professional conducts and the kind of mess she has brought to the entire  university. This can be so on the victims of this entire scenario who have been forced to go back home.

Plan of action

This section represents the plan of obtaining the results stated in the objectives discussed in the previous section. Because of the inefficiency of the advisor of the University of Colorado Denver, students should present a petition on UCD campus to sign in support in the demand of SACM, to review, restructure, and implement, a new improved support system of the advisory role. The urgent need of the support system will serve daily activities on the registration and payment of fees for students. I think it is a time to move from paper work to utilizing electronic means of payments. This will even work easier to the attached staff or the ministry of education to have an access to the students affairs in state of following up with the advisor.

For the success of this petition, the students should find a way of reaching the universities across the country to the president of their Saudi club to create and support a petition on their campus. They can do this by sending messages through the email addresses to the other universities explaining the reasons for the petition the how of the petition and the desired results they expect in the end.

Concerning the functions of an advisor on the affairs of the students, the following are the main functions that an advisor needs to be undertaking as part of the employment.

  • Assisting students in obtaining the admissions to the university
  • Recording and storing the relevant information about the student and their university in both paper and electronic format and making sure the information is correct.
  • Maintain contacts with the students, providing them with encouragement and advice pertaining their academics.
  • Following up with the academic progress of the students and sending them reports on matters of sponsor agencies
  • Issuing financial guarantee to the student’s institution where they pursue their studies.
  • Contacting the university in resolving matters dealing with the student’s academic and registration problems.
  • The advisor also acts as a liaison between the students and his sponsoring agency in Saudi Arabia.

Then if, an advisor is not performing any of these functions, then he or she is not an advisor. Therefore, to bring a solution to this university, the current advisor should be fired and other advisors be recruited. Before the start, of their work as advisors, they must go through the requirements they need of them more so the moral code of values needed as they perform their duties.

Apart from firing the advisor, more measures should be taken on her. She forced many to go back to their homes hence violating the regulations of the immigration. To my view she is suppose to compensate all she has done by refunding all the funds  equivalent to what each and every victim has used during the process of conducting her. Be it the funds used in communication or travelling.

Another thing to consider is the location of the advisor residences. According to the advisor of this university, she is not living within the premises of the school. If she is within maybe for students to reach her face to face, is easier than sending an email. Therefore, the residential place of the advisor should be within the reach of the students more so within the university compound.


According to the research proposal, the university has to take a quick view on the risen problem to avoid advance problems to the admission and the registration of the students.

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