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The Internet

Computer age in the human history has always been considered as one of the greatest technological discovery in human history. These electronic gadgets have led to a realization of transformation, growth and advancement in many sectors of life ranging from scientific research, business operations, organizational management, and social life among others. Day and night we experience improvement in computer technology with experts foreseeing drastic changes in years to come. Even as these innovations become part and parcel of our lives, human life continue to be impacted in all aspects ranging from social, economic and even political. Although it is not of great use to bother and study who exactly discovered a computer, its role in today’s life is more significant not only in developed countries but also in third world countries which continue to climb the ladder of development. Importantly is the use of the internet which has become a global connection tool with a promising future (Haythornthwaite and Wellman 6). This research paper therefore focuses on the internet as a major development tool which has led massive revolution in the society. The paper explores how the Internet is involved with or influences global interconnections related to economic, political, cultural, social, public health, or environmental issues.

The connectivity of the internet makes a major tool in our everyday life. It connects people from different destinations around the world using computers and even mobile phones. With internet connectivity, people are able to share information of any nature at any time 24 hours. Many people, companies, businesses and even organizations have preferred to use the internet to improve communication within the organization, outside and even beyond borders. It has come with countless advantages with many people being optimistic of its impact in future. It is therefore to very hard to walk into any office, company or business organization which does not use the internet. This promotes service delivery and ensures proper running of business activities. It is easier for managers to monitor what is happening in the company when he is attending to other matters away from office.

Another way in which the internet has affected human life is through politics. It has been witnessed in previous political campaigns in America and other parts of world with the internet factor being considered. Since the number of internet users keep on increasing, many political leaders believe that online campaigns are very significant an idea which has been echoed by other experts in the world. Online adverts have been quite common with most designers ensuring that whatever that appears online has the power to overcome human eye resistant. The use of chat windows gives political aspirants an opportunity to communicate with people one on one other than visiting them from door to door. The internet also allows anybody to participate in debates, opinion polls and in other forums as long as they have an online link.

Another aspect of human life that has greatly been affected by the internet is the social life. How many hours are children spending on the internet as a way of consuming their leisure time? In deed the world population with the range of 18 and 30 years can be technologically be referred to as the Internet Generation (Kedem 1999). This is because generational analysis helps in understanding how different people in the society spend their time or view a particular idea. Unlike the old generation which mostly depended on paper work and analog technology, the internet generation talks about computers and electronic calculators used to cross check their worked exercises. This electronic dependence is one of the effects of the internet which may either harm or do well to the current generation depending on the level of infiltration and addiction. It is more convenient to share information online, listen to MP3 music and even watch favorite videos including pornographic materials on the internet without any limitation.

To add on, no discussion on the internet can end without the mention of social networks like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter among others. These social networks have emerged to be meeting channels for mostly young people all over the world. Through these sites, young people have the freedom to access information form any destination in the world. Others have also found them as best places to make friends, pals and even form relationships aimed at marriage or fun. However, the alarming part of it is the amount of time spent online and the security threats involved. Many young are spending long hours charting and surfing the internet, a phenomena which experts warn that it may have negative impact on the lifestyle of millions of young people who stay glued to computer screens throughout the day (Kedem 1999). It has been hard for most young people to find time and involve in physical exercises and community services.

Internet security is an issue of major concern. This is a result of threats arising from identity theft propagated by hackers around the world. Although cyber crimes are punishable under law, there are still concerns that young people may become internet preys for hackers because of their ease to submit personal information during chatting and responding to massages. Eating habits have also been influence by the internet in a diverse way. Cookbooks which once served as a basic cooking tool are no longer needed. Recipes and cooking methodologies are readily available online making anybody in a position to study and prepare any meal without necessarily having a collection of recipes in a cookbook. However, internet recipes may contribute to junk eating since some of the information posted on the internet is not prepared by nutritionists (Chen 2008).

It is also important to mention that world economies greatly benefit from internet connections. Many countries, companies and businesses around the globe enjoy a large customer domain of over 6 billion people. Products and services are marketed online through adverts and ownership of websites via the web which provide potential customers with relevant information. This plays a significant role in boosting different world economies. In deed the internet has influenced global interconnections related to economic, political, cultural, social, public health, or environmental issues.

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