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The Environment

Every new day all over the media, there is always news about different meetings held by either the powerful countries or even involving other countries. This meeting are about how environmental pollution has affected the life of every creature in the whole world. Global warming which has resulted to major effects such as rising of the sea level which has a potential of displacing people living along the coastal areas. The increasing rate of desertification and reduce of rainfall are among other issues which are quite alarming. Reducing access to clean water, polluted air which has got great health effects on the life of mankind and other creatures is also in the list of environmental pollution. It is important that the world has realized how sensitive the environment is.

Although, there are efforts to protect the environment, on the other hand the population is increasing which means the consumption of goods from industries is also rising. The big question is, is it the consumers of good who should take the responsibilities on protecting the environment or it is the work of corporates? McKibben and Jensen discusses the matter in different perspectives. McKibben argues that individuals are responsible, but since the industries are the originators of everything that is used by the consumers they should be cautious of their method of production and the product from their corporates. From this perspective, Jensen is right while he says no great accomplishments that will be made on individual level but the corporates are responsible on the pollution on the environment.


First, there is so much consumption of water by agriculture activities as well as industries that needs to be reduced to make water available to more people in the world. The reduction of clean water for use by people is because the water is being stolen by the industries and the agricultural sector which consumes large amount of water. This large consumption in various industries has resulted to decrease in water levels in the rivers which has affected human beings causing even deaths .Those who disagree with this argument asserts that the individuals are consuming a lot of water thus making water to be scarce. This is because of the house requirements especially cleaning which requires water. But again, the amount used for household is so little compared to the one used by the industries and agriculture. Actually, 90 percent of water is used by used by the industries and the agriculture sectors compared to the ten percent that is used by human. From that evidence it is therefore true that the shortage of water in the world is due to failure of corporates to regulate the usage but not the individuals.

Also, there is so much consumption of energy on sectors involving commercial activities, industries, corporate, military, and agribusiness which affects the environment in a great way. Their consumption adds to about three quarter of the total produced energy. The process of energy production has great impacts on global warming and atmospheric pollution and thus if we have to reduce the waste on the environment, reducing the energy consumption will be significant. This means that the economic system which highly depends on the energy should be changed to safeguard the environment. On the other hand, there are those who maintains that, the only way to reduce release of waste to the environment is by reducing individual consumption. The reason as to why they say this is due to the many private gadgets that are used by individuals. They claim that there should be less usage of private cars which consumes fuel and also releases carbon dioxide to environment. However, waste due to individual consumption is very little compared to that of industries and other corporates. People consumes very little electricity, uses less fuel on their activities and therefore contributes very little to atmospheric pollution. This is contrary to the large amount of electricity, fuel and other form of energies that the industries consume and the waste they produce. Therefore, action at individual levels on reducing energy consumption and leading a simple life will impact very little on the atmosphere hence there is need for measures to be taken at the higher consumers which are the corporates.

Further, in the case of waste from the municipal waste, the waste from industries contributes the largest percentage toward this waste. Despite the fact that there are a lot of waste materials from human waste, the industries, offices and other corporates has the biggest contribution. For instance, there is a lot of paper work in the government offices and these papers are made from trees. Besides, other gadgets like computers, and other machines from the offices as well as the corporates are dumped to the environment when they get old or in case of malfunctioning beyond repair. A lot of effort need to be put toward the wastes from the corporates if a step toward saving the environment will be made.

On the other hand, there are those who claims that the human waste like plastic bottles, aluminum cans and other items are major contributors of waste materials on the land. The reason for this is the cases like US where there is a large number of cell phones, aluminum cans, plastic bags, plastic beverage bottles that are used and dumped each second. It is evident that there are is such unnecessary waste materials but many are the times where this materials are recycled thus they have less effect. On the contrary, there are a lot of solid waste materials that are disposed by companies on the land and they account for the large heaps of waste of solid materials on different places in the world. From this information it is evident that it will be more significant to deal with waste from the corporates rather than the individuals.

Besides, everything that involves industry economy is destructive. For example individuals may be encouraged to use alternative form of energy like the solar energy, but the equipment used at some point depends on mining and infrastructure for transportation which adds to the wastage materials. Also, if tough measures are taken to stop industrial economy, those who are in power might kill others due to restrictions on freedom to exploit the world. Since most of the individuals has no power, the planet will not be safe but rather it will be dead. The continuous blame on the individuals on the problem of waste might lead to crises since they claim that they are not the one who creates the problems of the waste and thus as well they can’t solve the problems. Those who have power are the corporates and therefore they should be responsible on saving the planet instead of blaming powerless individuals. Simple living will not solve the crisis on the waste materials since the industrialization civilization has taken roots in the society and thus trying to stop industrial economy would not stop the horrors of wastes. Therefore, corporates are still the one to blame. Blaming and urging individuals to live a simple life means that the world will be only safe if all are dead since is only by that the individuals will not be disposing any waste to the planet. Since individuals does not only destroy the world but they also make it better they should not carry the blame in this case.

Having discussed the above, it will be illogical to try enforcing actions at individual levels in an attempt to save the planet for they will not bear the best fruits. It is clear that though there is atmospheric pollution that is done at individual level, the percentage is very low while compared to the damage made by corporates. There is a lot of waste that is related to industrialization which has in return has caused global warming. It is therefore important that the meeting on environment focuses on the corporates in their reforms to save the planet and they will succeed.

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