Jun 25, 2018 in Research

The American Dream

The American Dream is a United States of America national ethos whereby democratic ideals are been taken as a promise of successfulness for its citizens. The founding fathers of America says that the American dream is about life, liberty, and happiness, which is mainly referred to as the ‘opportunity of immigrants’. The pursuit of happiness to immigrants means that they can individually make decisions without any restrictions of religion and race. The American dream idea is dated back in the second ruling of the Declaration of Independence, that says “all people were created equal”, therefore “they are bestowed by their Creator with assured inalienable Rights.” However, over the last ten years, the American dream have changed and the Americans have become pessimistic with it.                  

In the last ten years, the U.S economy was not favorable due to wastage of resources. When economy is not favorable, it means that it can not create jobs any more, and the cost of living will definitely goes higher. The Bush regime wastage a lot of resources into unnecessary war, such as Iraq war and Afghanistan war. This made hard for Americans who lives in lower classes or under poverty line to realize the American dream. Actually, majority of Americans are straggling to make living through stiff labor. The work environment does not provide health care cover, therefore making employees to be at risk. The American dream state that the Americans should be free from any risk, but this is ironic as noted from the last ten years.

The bridge between poor and rich is still expanding in America. This is because the government and economic is not providing opportunities for all peoples. There are a lot of small business which have collapse due to high cost of insurance, production and other necessary cost like tax. For example, as result of high cost of insurance, a lot of small businesses cannot afford the cost of insuring its employees, therefore resulting to a dissolution. This has reduce stiff competition in the market by leaving the large scale business only to the market. The large scale business has taken this opportunity by increasing the price of goods since the demand is high and the supply is low. This is why the rich continues to get richer while the poor continues to be poor.

The United State of America is the richest country in the world but there’s a higher number of poverty. In 2008, there was 39.1 million peoples in America living under poverty line. In percentage, there’s an estimation of 13 to 17% of people living under federal poverty line. Majority of Americans (58.8%) normally spend one year under poverty line at some point, while 40% living under poverty line at some point during a duration of ten years. This situation of poverty in U.S. can be well portrayed through a below graph.     

Poverty has made it impossible for the Americans to archive the American dream. Some of the causes of poverty are: the increased number of immigrants has caused job competition to be higher, therefore leaving Americans as jobless. For example, in 2007, there was a poverty rate of 21.1% for unemployed people, but for those were employed, it was only 2.5%. The high tax has also stimulate poverty in the United States of America. The level of income is directly correlated with the level of education. In 2007 statistics, it indicate that the 9th grade education earns $16.615, the high school graduates is $31,337, the bachelor’s degree is $56,826, and professional degrees is $100,000. Single families in U.S. is also higher, and federal statistics shows that 47.1% of single parent family lives under poverty line. Also, racial and ethnics are still surviving in U.S.; it’s obvious that income levels depends on racial/ethnics line (for example, 21 percent of all children in U.S. live in poverty, but 40% of Latino children and 46% of African Americans children live in poverty).

However, starting from Obama regime, as we can observe from the above graph, we can clearly observe that the living standard level or the poverty level has started to recover. This means that many Americans are a heading to archive the American dream. However, despite the recovering which kicked from 2008 until present, there are some minorities groups who believes that Americans will not archive their American dream under president Obama government. A good example is “Tea Party” which is currently continuing with rallies to oppose Obama reforms. However, in my own opinion, in order for the Americans to attain the American dream, the leaders have to work together and deriver a quality leadership to all Americans without racist.


The American dream was launched in order to provide an equal opportunity to all Americans. An equal opportunity means that there will be no gap between poor and rich, as all people will live in equal living standard. This is ironic when compared to the outstanding situation. Actually, the American haven’t archived the American dream.

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