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Should boxing be outlawed?

Boxing has been a popular sport for a long time and it comes with many excitements as many people enjoy when the participants engage in a war like test of one another’s show and display of energy. Everyone works hard to emerge the champion and the winner is always glorified, almost adored in many fields. It creates an entertainment that is energized and sometimes can even be violent and arrogant. It also creates a spirit of arrogance which often results in distorted behavior especially for the spectators because they feel that what they see is heroic and following it can bring the same results to their bodies and life in general. What they forget is the fact that whatever they see is just a sport being carried out in the ring and once the participants are out, they should lead normal lives that are respectable. Hence there is a debate on whether boxing should be outlawed with many varying opinions, especially in the line of the extent of control of bans on people’s choices (National Library of Medicine, 2000).
Children at school level like to practice what they see and they can often carry this along in their lives as they develop to eventually embrace it into their characters, which can become permanently implanted in their personalities. Boxing is one of hose things that excite children because it uses a lot of energy and there is a lot of passion that goes into it. It is therefore possible that the children are influenced to practice what they see being displayed in boxing. This makes them develop very violent attributes and their general behavior can get distorted because they develop the attitudes of defiance whereby they feel self sufficient and nobody should give them any direction on what should be done. They tend to have this false feeling of power and the ability to beat up whoever tries to get in their way in a manner that does not get in line with their desires, or what they feel is the right way. It is not only children at school who are affected. Even grown up individuals are known to be severely affected by boxing through influence. When they sit to watch a real boxing game and their champion beats down the opponent in a glamorous performance, they feel like they have done it and one develops the urge to beat. The psychology of human beings is that what excites someone will   most likely form the habit for that particular person and this is the case with boxing. People who are closely associated with boxing have been proven to be violent, always disrespectful and arrogant. The fact is that if this game is left as it is, then more and more people will get influenced and in no time the society will be full of bad mannered people, violent and cruel.
Indeed, there is no denying that boxing can sometimes be a dangerous sport in addition to the negative influences it bears on those that like it. However, outlawing it does not seem to be the most practical, viable solution to the problem and therefore boxing should not be outlawed. It is almost a dictatorial approach (Youdebateit, 2010) Firstly, this is a sport that equally has its advantages and benefits to those that engage in it. The first and perhaps most outstanding element of sporting is the economic value it brings to those that participate fully in it. If this sport is suddenly outlawed, these people will lack their daily means of livelihoods and soon they will be idle. This is more dangerous than all the dangers of boxing put together because the impacts of a suddenly idle person are far reaching and threatening. In the current society, lack of means can ignite the desire to acquire the means through other methods regardless of whether they are lawful or not. Outlawing boxing will therefore be similar to banning an action that opens the way to a more dangerous action. Another benefit accrued from boxing is the body building part. When people engage in boxing, they involve their bodies in a powerful process of body building and in the course of practicing boxing; they also gain some self defense skills which are crucial in life.
Arguably, outlawing boxing will not solve the problem per se. Instead, there should be new mechanisms to counteract the challenges that are being witnessed in the boxing field or those that result due to boxing. Governments, schools and institutions in conjunction should implement tough policies to govern the sport so that they ensure boxing remains a sport and that is it. Anyone found misusing the skills of boxing must be punished appropriately so that others can get warned. Participants need to also be involved in educative forums where they are taught best practices of boxing and be discouraged from misusing the skills of boxing. If the argument for outlawing it is safety as many proponents have pointed out, then let it be made safe. To outlaw it is totally not the same as making it safe and this is really misguided. Identification of the safety risks of boxing and the dangers associated with it is a good starting point and good reason. This needs a solution whose aim should be to make boxing safe but definitely the most prudent solution is not to outlaw it (Jordan, 1993).
In conclusion, boxing should not be outlawed but instead there should be enhanced policy formulations to monitor and control the practice of boxing in all parts of the world. The best solution to a problem is always found by tracing the problem to the source. This is where one gets to realize the root cause of the problem before devising the solutions. Much needs to be done in establishing the root cause of the difficulties of boxing. There should be no rush to outlaw boxing because doing so will result in even deeper negative effects.

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