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Math Essay


To pass mathematics a student must be able to formulate effective strategies on how he or she will study the subject. Students therefore should come up with tactics that will enable them to know how a mathematics problem can be approached and solved, how to study the subject and when and how to obtain help. To achieve all these, a student can apply the following strategies.

Active study

Students need to be actively involved in managing their learning process and their study time. They therefore need to take study responsibility, recognize what they know and do not know and understand how they can get assistance from their instructors. Students must attend classes daily and take complete notes. Instructors always come up with test question based on the concepts and examples covered in the class and in the related text. The students need to actively participate in the classroom by attempting to solve some of the problems before they are covered in class. A good study habits throughout the semester will therefore make students to easily study for their tests.

Polya’s four-step process

Students need to apply polya’s four step process as a strategy of solving mathematical problems. The first step in this strategy is to understand the problem that is, identifying the exact quantity that the question is asking to be solved. The second step is to formulate a plan that is, identify the skills and methods learned and which can be used in solving a particular problem. Carry out the plan and finally look back that is, find out if the answer is reasonable.

Asking questions

Students need to develop habit of asking their instructors or tutors questions. This will enable them understand a lot of things about the subject. Students should not be afraid in asking questions. A good question enables the instructor to easily identify the concepts that a student do not understand.


From our discussion, it is clear that for a student to be able to excel in mathematics and other disciplines he or she need to adopt the above mentioned important strategies.


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